Tustumena Elementary Newsletter

September 8, 2020

Huge THANK YOU to all families and staff!!

We had a successful day! Kids came, they learned, they went home, and no one is still here. It was good to see their smiling /masked faces.

Three things came to mind that I didn't communicate well:

  • School starts at 9:30 for K-6- Kids can be dropped off at 9:15 but no earlier.
  • We don't have a microwave oven in the gym so please do not send food that needs heated.
  • School ends at 3:35. Kids that are being picked up by parents will come out the main door and staff will bring them out to the walk way. There was a little cluster there today, but we will smooth that out.

For me anyway, this was a WHOLE LOT better than remote learning for everyone.

Thanks for all you did to make this a success.


Doug Hayman