Paradise Pet Sitting

Do you have pets that you can't watch? Let us help!

Paradise Pet Sitting

Do you have pets that you can't watch because your going out. Do you need a pet sitter because you don't trust your pets by themselves. Then you came to the right people we are Paradise Pet Sitting. We will watch your pet if its dog, cats, fish, and almost all kinds of pets. So if you ever need a pet sitter contact us.

What we provide

We provide stuff like Treats, leashes, and toys. The items you think your pets needs we will ask you to provide it. We don't provide food and pet beds and that stuff because we don't know what food your pet/pets eat. Also we don't know what kind of fabric should be in the beds if it will make the pet allergic or not.

What supplies are low

Luckily we have no scarce resources and everything is in stock so we wouldn't have to worry. Plus we have backups in case one place runs out of supply.

Demand/Opportunity Cost

How popular we would like Paradise Pet Sitting to be

With your help we would like to have at least 15 people every 2 weeks. Below there will be a chart showing if wee met our goal or not. Paradise Pet Sitting would like to be popular to the point to where you would pick us over other pet sitting services. Ideally I think that the customer should be adults.

What you give up

You'll give up the chance to watch your pet or hiring a pet sitter. You also give up the opportunity to get a neighbor or a friend to come and pet siting for you. If you chose us we will provide stuff that some other businesses don't provide. There is not that many pet sitters in Kansas city, MO. So Paradise Pet Sitting is one of the only pet sitting .businesses in the area.

You should chose us because...

  • We will take some of the stress away
  • We're experienced with pets
  • Our business helps most pets physically and mentally because we will play with the pets and make the muscles in the body strengthen
  • You wouldn't need to worry about your pets they're safe with us


  • $6 per hour for pet sitting because if we pet sit for 50 min it becomes $5 so it is easy to find of the total
  • $0.50 per minute for dog walking because it's cheap, but it adds up a little

For your information

We are a service because we don't give any items away, but we help out with pets and we also walk your animals. We don't have a shop where you buy items from us so we can't be considered a good.