Industrial Revolution

Lightning Rod and Air Conditioner

1752 – Benjamin Franklin Invents the Lightening Rod

The Lightning Rod

Benjamin Franklin made his house into a mini laboratory. Where he conducted experiments on electricity. On 1752 Benjamin Franklin conducted an experiment in Philadelphia. The steeple of Christ Church was the lightning rod. But, being impatient, Benjamin Franklin used a kite and a key to attract the lightning. The metal key attracted the lightning, and was known as the lightning rod.

1902 – Willis Carrier Invents the Air Conditioner

The Air Conditioner

Willis Carrier was a young and modest research engineer. The Brooklyn plant wreaked havoc with the color register of it's fine, multi color printing. To fix the problem, Carrier made many blueprints to solve the problem. Carrier finally came up with cooling coils the helped with the multi color printing. That's when modern air conditioning was born.