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The BEST selling and promotion month of the YEAR (fact!)

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NOW-vember is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's NEVER too late to make the most of November! It is a pivotal month. Even if you've not started booking trunkshows for November and December...there is STILL time! Yesterday I sent out a 'warm up' email to people I thought would make great hostesses. Then I've started to follow up today with phone calls to see what they think of my idea. Result!! Two extra trunkshows. At this time of year, there can be cancellations, so it's a good idea to over book.

Here's a three step plan of action you can take right now to make the most of THE busiest selling and earning season of the year!

1) Set 1 solid booking hour per day. Just think of it as one hour in the office! Book, book, book. Booking trunkshows is at the very HEART of a successful business. Without trunkshows, there is no business.

2) Identify your personal Christmas WHY and plan for the season. Your why is the reason for doing this. Make sure it's a strong WHY. If it doesn't inspire and motivate you, you're less likely to pick up that phone and book.

3) If you have a team, call three personal generation stylists per day to learn their Christmas Why and help them plan action. If you haven't got a team, NOW is the time to recruit. Stylists who join at this time of year are more likely to make a successful go of this business. Don't wait, sometimes later becomes never!

What's your Christmas WHY?

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Mhari's Team incentive!

Don't forget our Team Incentive is still running throughout this month !!!! Win prizes just for doing your job!

Qualify in October AND November (ie sell £416 OR 500 PQV in both months) and YOU will be entered into a prize draw to win a Year's Subscription to Harpers Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, or Elle Magazine.

Promote or Re-promote to Senior Stylist in October OR November and you will be entered into a prize draw to win this amazing make-up and brush set!

Promote or re-promote to Star Stylist and YOU will be treated to the Limited Edition Raven necklace! Or a watch!

Do all three and you have the chance to win ALL of the above! Good luck girls!!!!

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Three training calls you MUST listen to! Warning...they may transform your business xxx

Tips From The Top...

with Claire Robinson. Building your trunkshow average ie selling more!

with Tracy Powers - Booking trunkshows.

with Sam Ballard - Why Sponsor and How to do it!


TOMORROW (Thursday at 11am) live call with Louise Fox: Styling to set your Trunk Show up for Success. Training/All Stylist Calls

UK Freephone 0800 229 0141

UK Mobile 033 0336 1183

Ireland Freephone 1 800 932 466

Ireland Mobile 014367 697

Participant Access Code 498979

Thursday 18 November at 1pm. Invite anyone interested in joining the business to this Prospective Stylist Call.

  • Become a Stylist Webinar & Call
  • UK Freephone 0800 0845 351 2782
  • UK Mobile 358 6385
  • Ireland Freephone 1800 937 649
  • Ireland Mobile
  • 1890 907 630
  • Participant Access Code 374 312 0107 #

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November tools

Don't forget to print out your Trunkshow exclusive offers and show them to your customers- so they can save 50% discount when they spend £50 or over! The pegasus necklace is just such an amazing price!!!!!!!!!! Did you know this necklace takes fours days to make and every single silver-plated feather is hand-sewn on to the silk organza bib. It's just incredible!

PS These offers change on the 1st of every month and can be found on the Stylist Lounge.

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Top 10 in Sales last month

4 Nicky Lees

5 Natalie Lydford

6 Alex Wilks

7 Jocelyn Horsley

8 Leanne Critchley

9 Lisa Woods

10 Julie Maguire

Welcome to NEW Stylists

A massive warm welcome to all the NEW STYLISTS on our team in October and November.

Malgorzata White

Jane Gosnell

Kerry Donn

Suzanne Wood

Sheryl Franklin-Worth

Verena Leidecker

Emma Kirk

Tiffany Pardoe

Sarah Eadon

Valerie Grace

Carrie Ann Stevens

Amanda Smart

Louise Jayne

Kelly Allen

Laura Rimmer

Joanne Alvey

Cathryn Robinson

Anna Witmaier

If you're thinking, what do I do next? The first thing to do is book your first four trunkshows in your diary. There is no better way to learn than by doing!

These New Stylist training calls will also help. Just log into your Stylist account with your email and password and then click here: (remember you must be logged in before this link will work).

Reach out to your sponsor for any help you may need - or call me! 0791 293 7224 xxxxx

Stylist training and meet ups

It was great to see many of you at the Cheshire Stylist training and meet up at on Sunday 1 November!

Remember, there are Stylist training meet ups happening all over the country. To find your local one, see the Events Page of the Stylist Lounge. We are hoping to organise a Christmas celebration for our December meeting. Look out on our team FACEBOOK page as the date is TBC... as for venue we are thinking a lunch at Earle in Hale...drinks afterwards xxxx

It's now easier to promote!

What does this mean for me?

In the last few weeks, Stella & Dot have changed their compensation (payment) plan, which means that it is now even EASIER to promote and earn more quickly.

You can read all the details on the Stylist Lounge under the 'Features' tab and click on 'Your Rewards'. I would advise everyone to look at how this will benefit you.

(Please note that to PQV into £ Sterling you just need to divide the PQV amount by 1.2 eg 1,000 pqv divided by 1.2 = £833).

Here's a quick summary:

To promote to Associate Stylist, your personal sales are now 1,000 pqv (instead of 1,200).

To promote to Star Stylist and EVERY OTHER pay rank above that your personal sales are now 2,000 pqv (instead of 2,300). You will NEVER have to sell more than 2,000 pqv personally to promote.

Total team sales have also been lowered...

To promote to Lead Stylist, total team sales are now 1,000 PQV. And you just need one qualified team member ie they sell 500 pqv.

To promote to Associate Stylist, total team sales are now 2,500 PQV (instead of 3,000) and you just need one qualified team member ie they sell 500 pqv.

To promote to Senior Stylist, total team sales are now 5,000 PQV (instead of 6,000) and you just need two qualified legs ie they sell at least 500 pqv each.

To promote to Star Stylist, total team sales are now 10,000 PQV (instead of 12,500) and you just need three qualified legs.

To promote to Associate Director, total team sales are now 20,000 PQV (instead of 25,000) and you only need 4 qualified legs and one Star Stylist on your team.

Earn FREE and discounted Jewellery with our STYLE FIX PASS

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You can read all the details on the Stylist Lounge about the Style Fix pass under the 'Features' tab and click on 'Your Rewards'.

Contact me - Mhari Oakes

Whether you are a new stylist; or perhaps you've been a stylist for a while and you'd like to boost your business; or maybe you just want to hit your full earning potential this Christmas, please let me know your goal... I'm here with you every step of the way - give me a call or drop me an email anytime.

Mhari xoxo