John of the Cross

A Powerful Theocratic!


"John of the Cross" was born into a poor family in June 24, 1542 A.D. in Avila, Spain. Of where he spent a major portion of his life in. He had a very harsh education. Held captive in a prison cell and beaten regularly, He meditated in the ideals of "God's Loving Embrace" inside of a prison cell for 9 months before he escaped. After his escape from Mount Carmel he roamed the current world and taught his writings to the priests and priestesses of the various chapels that he hid in. He did not have a specific patron. Other than the chapels that he hid in, he ran from the common public and wasn't (at least properly) paid for his teachings.


Ascent of Mount Carmel, a highly religious book improving the way that certain people "embrace" and pray to God. This piece was created somewhere in the 1550-1600s in Spain, and went on to be published in the 16th century. This book improved the "embrace of God's love". No techniques were involved in this man's writings (because he made most of it in the prison cell). Seeing as I'm not a fan of Catholics or
Christians, I don't find this interesting, I don't like the idea of an organized religion at all, to be honest.

Bibliography. Sources of my Information.

Major Source #1 This link includes the source of most of my information and some pictures that I used.
Major Source #2 An illustration of the piece of work that I've described.