Residual Panda !!

Working 4 hrs a week!

The Ideas That Make Residual Income For Panda!

Okay.....don't get confused about the title. Residual Panda is a advanced PANDA who tries to make residual income from his many ideas and he is here today to discuss some ideas that have huge potential to make residual income.

Who Is This PANDA?

Panda is an imaginary character who is playing role of a person, a person who is busy in rat race and dream about making money.

What does mean by residual income?

Residual income is nothing but getting paid again and again for doing work once. For example you buy a property once and pay for it once and later on you RENT that property to some one else who keep paying you money every month and you won't require to work for that.

Does ideas of this panda can make residual income?

There are lots of ideas that can make money on auto pilot. Actually speaking there is no any ideal business model on this earth planet that can generate 100% residual income. Every business needs attention to keep it working round a clock and there are few business models that require minimum attention to run once they are set up properly.

What are these residual income ideas?

Panda have following ideas that can build residual income-

  1. Renting a property
  2. Writing a book
  3. Building a website that earns money
  4. Building a network for network marketing company
  5. Building a software once and selling it on auto pilot
  6. Building an app for android or iphone market.

There are many such ideas and thought process involved to generate residual income. Panda will discuss them in future post's in detail.