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Data Driven Decisions!!!

As a follow up to our Faculty Meeting on Wednesday, please use the COLORFUL data provided to complete the ELA and Math reflection and action plan protocol.

Please be prepared for our Data Chats on January 31st with the data, your data folder, and your reflection/action plan. We will have District guests joining us in the front conference room, so it's imperative everyone arrives on time and ready.

At the Principal's Meeting Mark Rolewski was a guest presenter. He prides himself on bringing several Districts from underperforming.. to ALL schools earning "A" status. He claims the following two questions below are the key to growth....
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Improve Tier One Instruction

How much time is being underutilized with ineffective transitions and behavior management?

We will be coming in to see the start of each grade levels ELA and Math blocks and also looking at the last 10 minutes of each. The KEY to improvement is intentional planning and bell to bell instruction.

Please check out the link below for some tips and tricks to make every minute meaningful.


Special KUDOS to 2nd grade!
Your data driven awards were absolutely inspiring. It was great to hear about the specific point gains ACROSS the entire grade level. Your students were extremely well-behaved and it was obvious that everyone came prepared. The folders for each child, pre-made helped the entire ceremony go smoothly (and QUICK!)

You each will be getting 10 warrior wampum in your mailboxes Friday Afternoon!!!!

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!!

NEXT BIG COMPETITION!!! The RED POLO Shirts - Monogrammed for each member- are up for grabs!!! We would like each grade level to turn in their unit plans that their team has worked on for their UPCOMING UNIT by January 27th to Ms. Moree!!! The plans that are most detailed, specific, and standards-based will win for the school. (Please include the writing prompt and text that goes along with it)

Best Door in the Decorating Contest will be announced on FRIDAY for Celebrate Literacy Week!


Celebrate Literacy WEEK!

We will have very important guests on our campus on Monday. They are all curious about the great things they have heard about VBE. Show them our VIBE!

Remind your students of our VIBE expectations during your Brain Smart Start.

Also, please make sure you take a moment to review expectations Sarah sent out for when we have guests in our classroom, including:

  • Active listening with quiet mouths and still bodies.
  • Raising our hands to speak or ask questions after the story is finished.
  • Respectful language.

If you will have a special guest reader, you have been notified via email.

Take pictures, please tweet it out, and for great customer service it would be awesome if you had your kiddos write thank you notes and send over a couple of pictures from VBE to spread the message that our TRIBE PRIDE is on the RISE!

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Cultural Competencies Canvas Course

Please don't forget, per District each teacher must complete the cultural competency courses on canvas. We will be doing a mid year review soon, so please go on an update if you haven't done so.

Module Descriptors

· Module 1: Race and Educators’ Attitudes

· Module 2: Ethnicity and Immigrant Status

· Module 3: Language

· Module 4: Gender

· Module 5: Socio-Economic Status

· Module 6: School Practices

(Introduction, Conclusion, and Participant Feedback are also included as course modules)

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#VBEVIP goes to Castillo & Norwood! #carpool

Enjoy your parking space! Keep making those nominations on Twitter!!

We have the data, what to do next! By Elaine Ragley and Sharon Keeley

Benchmark testing is complete. Data is available in Unify under reports and was given to you in color at the faculty meeting.

Take time to review the data for your own reflection and then share with your students. Under each question number it shows the percentage of your class that got it correct. Use this data to give feedback, analyze errors, clear up misconceptions. You can see your comparative results to the school and to the district by logging on to Performance Matters and selecting the comparative results bar graph.

Additional resources for RTi are available in iReady to meet the needs of our students. As the data comes in we will be meeting to review the next steps including grouping of students.

Science Fair invitations have been placed in mailboxes for the winning presenters. District science fair is on Saturday, February 4th. We will be meeting with the winners to tweak projects and practice their presentation skills.


~Running Records and Leveling~

A reading level is not a score...it stands for a set of reading behaviors that teachers can observe for evidence of what the student knows. It helps us to teach, prompt and reinforce at every level.

Our goal it to teach students how to engage in strategic actions, that they can apply to become proficient readers.

Look for patterns across time from the information that you gain from your observations and use it to guide your teaching strategies.

Please remember to use your Prompting Guides to guide you in your instruction.

PD Information from Ms. Tuck-Henson about gifted endorsement courses can be found below:

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