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*CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas -- A 5-year-old girl saved her mother after she had a seizure in the family swimming pool. *

* AOE is excited to have "The Seizure Diary" to make it to 6 countries *

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Natalie Beavers, founder of Angels Of Epilepsy and survivor, created "The Seizure Diary" which was released in December 2013. This book was recently shipped to an epilepsy survivor in Canada which makes it the 6th country it has made it to! The Seizure Diary is a book/journal that keeps documentation & important info in reference to seizure activity (date of episode, ‪type of seizure‬, time, descriptions from the episode, questions/concerns for the doctor) It also has a journal where you can just write. Many doctors and parents love it!

If you have ‪epilepsy‬ or know a family that deals with someone ‪ living with epilepsy‬, let them know about "The Seizure Diary". Go to & get yours! $13 + 3.99 U.S. S&H (read about international shipping on our website)

* Medical Cannabis Bill Passes Parliament *

* AOE thanks our sponsor/partner "MiniSins" for their support & delicious treats for 7 years *

MiniSins has been a sponsor and partner of Angels Of Epilepsy for the past 7 years! We give them much thanks for their support and delicious treats. MiniSins is well-known in Atlanta, GA and many other places for making events and occasions very elegant and delicious for their guests. For more info, follow "MiniSins" on social media and visit them at

AOE thanks you "MiniSins" for your contributions of these delicious purple treats and support for epilepsy awareness!

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* AOE's Upcoming Events *

Meet Angels Of Epilepsy at Morehouse School Of Medicine at the Epilepsy Community Forum on April 16th from 1-4pm -- Click below to join this event

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Inspirational Music from Mary Mary - "Survive"

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