Canterbury Tales Character

The Doctor

What specific occupation does the Doctor practice?

The specific occupation the Doctor practices is being a physician. He works in medicine and surgery.

What does the need for this occupation tell us about the time period?

He was very important, The doctors used to diagnoses people by their horoscopes. ANd the doctors today actually run tests

What is his social standing?

The doctors social standing was high class and he was extremely wealthy. He was selfish, greedy, deceptive, and immoral. He didn't share any of his earnings. He was a wonderful physician but he was careless.

What might the doctors day to day life be like?

It was filled with surgeries and medical visits. The Doctor did not read the Bible very much.

What details about the doctor does Chaucer not include?

¨ Blood- red garments¨ Fit and Healthy.

What modern day occupation might correspond to your medieval character and why?

Most doctor's are wealthy, smart, and pharmacist deal with medicines.
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Part 2

Paraphrase each line of the prologue describing your character.

Clad in red and blue, and no-one in the world can match him in speaking about medicine and surgery. He knows the cause of every illness, what humor engenders them, and how to cure them. He is a perfect practitioner of medicine, and he has apothecaries ready to send him drugs and mixtures. He is well-read in the standard medical authorities, from the Greeks right through to Chaucer's contemporary Gilbertus Anglicus. The doctor however, has not studied the Bible.

Which lines in the prologue best describes the Doctor's physical appearance?

In lines 449-455

¨in blood-red garments, slashed with bluish gray And lined with taffeta, he rode his way; Yet he was rather close as to expenses And kept the gold he won in pestilences. Gold stimulates the heart, or so we're told. He therefore had a special love of gold. ¨ (page 133 in book)

which lines describe his personality?

In lines 425-439

" he watched his patient closely for hours When, by his horoscope, he knew the powers of favorable plants, then ascendant, worked on the images for his dependent. The cause of every malady you'd got He knew their seat, their humor and condition. He was a perfect practicing physician. Theses causes being known for what they were, He gave the man his medicine then and there. All his apothecaries in a tribe Were ready with the drugs he would prescribe And each made money from the other's guile; They had been friendly for a goodish while.¨

Which specific words add to your understanding of the character's personality?

"Gold stimulates the heart" might also show he was greedy and did took care of people for mostly money.
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List at least 5 examples of spelling variations from middle to modern English.

  • "grounded¨in astronomy" (line 424)
  • "ascendent" (line 427)
  • "malady" (line 429)
  • "apothecaries" (line 435)
  • "goodish" (line 438)
  • "nutritives" (line 447)

What is Chaucer's opinion toward the Doctor?

Chaucer doesn't like the doctor

What specific lines or words tell you this?

¨yet he was rather close as to expenses and kept the gold he won in pestilences. Gold stimulates the heart, or so we're told. He therefore had a special love for gold.¨

What word choices require an understanding of vocabulary from this time period?

Bath: a city in southwestern England

pestilences: plagues

taffeta: a stiff, smooth fabric

supercities: excesses