Purrista Pawfee

by haylee hartley

What Is It?

Purrista Pawfee is a series of cute plush toys that combines coffee culture, word play, and cats.
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Who Made It? Who Will Manufacture It?

Purrista Pawfee was invented by Holly Guenther (Kimchi Kawaii). The manufacturing will all be done by Shinedown Productions.
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Why It Was Made?

Purrista Pawfee was created to combine fun coffee cultures and the affectionate companions of cats.

Where The Idea Was Thought Of? Where It Will Be Shipped From?

The idea was created in Davis, California. The Purrsita Pawfee products will be distributed by Shinedown Productions and shipped out from Goldsboro, North Carolina

When It Will Be Distributed

Purrista Pawfee will be distributed between May 2016 and August 2016.