Albert Xuma

Madison Sullivan


Alfred Xuma went to school originally to become a teacher, but then went to New York to study to become a Doctor in Medicine. He was looked at as being very conservative. Though, in 1940 he became President of the ANC, and was determined to rebuild a "scattered organization against great opposition", almost staring the ANC from scratch. In doing this he created a document called 'The Policy and Platform of the African National Conference', in his efforts to rekindle the interests of the ANC. Some of his other goals were to establish a women's section for the ANC, and bring in young youth leaders such a Nelson Mandela and Oliver Tambo to enlighten the movement.

Though Alfred was looked as being slow and moderate in the movement, he was able to

become the best fundraiser for the ANC and gave substantial amount of money to organizations that promoted African welfare. He is important to the anti-apartheid movement, because he was able to bring in crucial people such as young Nelson Mandela and Oliver Tambo who would lead the ANC at a young age. Also he was able to go in and make some changes for the movement that was not as effective as people would like to to be at the time, by starting from scratch.

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The Policy and Platform of the African National Conference

The African National Congress is the mouth-piece of the African people of the Union of South Africa.
It stands for racial unity and mutual helpfulness and for the improvement of the African people,POLITICALLY, ECONOMICALLY, SOCIALLY, EDUCATIONALLY AND INDUSTRIALLY....