The Tundra


The location i chose for my biome is Alaska. The culture in Alaska is surrounded by music and arts made by the Siberian Eskimos. The population in Alaska is about 736,732 and is actually growing a little by little over the years.
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Temperatures in Alaska during the summer range from 60 F-80 F. Night time and mornings are cooler they range from the 40's - 50's.

Temperature and Rainfall

The average temperature of Alaska is 37°F. But the annual high temperature is about 43.7°F. The average rainfall for Alaska is 16.57 inches a year.
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Animals of Tundra

One herbivore of the Tundra is the caribou this animal only eats plants. One omnivore of the Tundra is the arctic fox this animal eats both plants and animals. One carnivore of the Tundra is the polar bear this animal only eats meat. And lastly one scavenger of the Tundra is the wolverine this animal lets other animals do the work by killing the animal and the wolverine eats the left overs.
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Plants of Tundra

3 type of plants from the Tundra include the arctic moss. Caribou moss, and the diamond leaf willow