Dragon Points


Thanks to all who gave up their time to coordinate and work with students on Academic UIL. You are awesome.

Next Year

This is the time of year when teachers begin worrying and discussing next school year. As of now, most of you will be in the same place, teaching the same subject. Next year we are doing more targeting of students and are waiting for results from 5th graders so that we can plan accordingly. They will be our biggest class next year. Also, I need approval for some items that so far has been like punching the rock of Gibralter to get the answers needed.

More Data

During Team time please take a look at your RTI, ESL, 504, and Special Education students. Let's begin the process of determining if we have added growth with these students. For now classify them in three categories....

Red=No growth/decrease in academic standing in their year to date averages

Yellow=Marginal growth of five points in their year to date averages

Green=6 or more points gained in their year to date averages

Do not sent this to me in an email. For now, just look at the names and numbers and document. For further analysis consider how often your red students are absent or allowed to have multiple restroom breaks.

The overall caveat on our way through STAAR and the end of the school year is: have we made students better academically and how do we show it quantitatively? More to come...

Odds and Ends

  • LISD does not permit the solicitation of our employees during the school day on our premises. This also includes someone offering "retirement" advice.
  • Be mindful of pictures you post and where you check-in. Facebook is social media. If you need any clarification I can email the sections of the Texas Education Code regarding this matter.
  • Seventh and Eighth Grade Teachers need to begin the process of walking students to their lunch tables. See Ms. Hall if you need clarification on your table assignment. Escorting needs to begin Monday, May 11.
  • Make sure that your attendance is taken and accurate throughout the school day.
  • This time of year it is important to go Bell to Bell. While movies are the common fare this time of year for every school, movies should be limited and require my pre- approval. Do not bring me a movie the day of your plans to view them or the request will be denied.
  • Do not forward my meeting invites.

Friday, June 5th

We will be staying until 8:00 pm. If you have an absence it will cost you two full personal days from your given allowance. If you have no days, they will dock two days pay from your paycheck.


What are the Klumps...no this is not a sequel to an Eddie Murphy movie, but when people klump together in groups. When you're in the hallways please avoid the Klumps and ensure that you are vigilant in watching students in your class and hallways.