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April 6 - April 9

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What's going on in class?


WOW, what a week!! I want to say how proud I am of everyone for finishing their first week of e-learning. It was good to see everyone again in our Live Sessions.

This week in Math we will continue our Geometry unit with our first test next Friday. This unit will be split into two parts, the first part will be tested next week and the second part in three weeks. Students were assigned their first graded assignment this week in Schoology, and I have also posted the lessons for those who were unable to attend both days. This will be due by Monday.

Due to the time constraints we have on our live sessions I will be posting each lesson for students to view before our Zoom sessions. We will use our live sessions as more of a Q&A than a full lesson. Please make sure students have looked over the material and have questions ready if they have any.

Some students have been experiencing some issues with getting online, please keep checking email and Schoology for updates. I will continue to post all class information to the Math course. I will be uploading a document(s) to help answer some questions about class, Zoom sessions, homework, etc. to Schoology for everyone to refer back to if needed.

The e-learning process is new to ALL of us so keep in mind that we will have struggles, some bumps in the road, and changes as we continue with our curriculum this semester. Hopefully as we continue moving forward it will become a smoother experience for everyone. Thank you for all of your patience, understanding and work throughout our new experience.

Have a great weekend!

Language Arts

Congratulations on completing your first week of e-learning! It was great to see so many of our students in our "Live Time" meetings! I hope those students who have been unable to attend our meetings this week will be able to join us next week.

This week we read the short story, "All Summer in a Day". Our assignments and discussions were based on this story and we will continue our focus on this story again in the coming weeks. The discussion board post assignment from this week will be the first graded assignment in the grade book for this term. We still have several students struggling getting online so I will give students the ability to continue working on this assignment until Monday before grading.

I will continue to have each week posted in a separate folder to hopefully make things easier for each student to locate. This upcoming week I also plan to make folders for each day of the week for those who have struggled finding the correct files. In these files there will be a "completion rule" added so students will be required to watch the daily lesson video before continuing on to the assignment. I hope this will help things function a little smoother for everyone.

Please know this e-learning process is new to all of us so there may be changes along the way to make things the most effective and efficient that we can. Please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions along the way.

Great job this week Team 2! I'm so proud of each and every one of you!

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Riley


Wow, what a first week back to school! In science we started slowly and hopefully all have access to Pearson online textbook and assignments as well as Schoology. Though there are daily practice activities, there are only six graded assignments and two tests/projects this term. The first graded activity was assigned Thursday 4/9/20.

Live sessions are the highlight of my day! I am so happy to see/hear from our students. Please remember that you do not have to start your video. It is also appropriate to mute your microphone if you are not actively adding to the conversation. If you have family or pets with you please mute. We will use the live sessions differently on different days. Some days we might use them as a review session, others may be new information. If possible, please attend live sessions. We are no longer allowed to record sessions, and any previous recordings have been deleted. One final word on live sessions, please use the chat when you have a question for everyone.

We will be starting off with a review of atoms and molecules, then move from there into chemical reactions and finally to health by the end of the term. The syllabus with specific dates and deadlines will be posted in schoology. As always, please let me know if you have any questions.

Mrs. Green

Social Studies

What a great first week of continuous learning! It was good to see everyone's faces again. On Monday and Tuesday we learned about the achievement and innovations of Ancient Rome. On Wednesday and Thursday, we learned about the Roman system of government and compared it to the United State's government. Our first graded assignment, the 3-2-1 Roman achievement discussion board, was assigned on April 6/7. Next week we will wrap up our unit on Ancient Rome.

Live sessions went well this week. Keep in mind appropriate live session behavior as we move forward in continuous learning. I saw lots of great participation this week and I look forward to next week. All assignments will be posted in Schoology under the folder titled Continuous Learning April-May. Each lesson is in its own folder under the date it was assigned.

I know that all of this can be potentially stressful, but I want to make this process as streamlined as possible. If you have any questions please email me!

Have a great 3 day weekend!

Mr. Engeman

Other Information to Know

A note from administration:

Parents, please encourage students to reflect on their password to activate their tablets; making sure their device is secure and unique to them and unknown to others (besides their parents).
We want students to be protected and prevent people from accessing their accounts. Be aware that the district technology department has the ability to check who is logging in as other people. Be safe. Be responsible.

News from the Library

Team 2 students, this week I shared free online resources for reading and listening to books. The first link was Audible - https://stories.audible.com/start-listen . This link has many audiobooks, and I’ve been listening to Diary of a Sixth Grade Ninja.

The second link was Capstone Library- https://www.mycapstonelibrary.com/login/index.html Username: continue and Password: reading. I am reading a book titled A Cat's View of the World.

Let me know which books you are reading and how you like them by filling out the Online Book Club form located on Schoology – Courses – JCMS Library Media Center 19-20 – JCMS Online Book Club or by sending me an email. I will respond.

Best regards,

Gloria Woods gloriawoods@usd475.org

Library Media Specialist

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