Week in Review

September 3, 2013

Hi everyone,

The first meeting of the Board of Regents is this Friday, preceded by their retreat. I will be presenting various options for library renovation and/or annexes at the retreat this Thursday, following two weeks of rather intense behind-the-scenes conversations with different regents regarding the issue. Hopefully, we will have some clarification on which direction (if any) the Board wishes to move in regarding the many problems our building has.

I do use this review to brag on accomplishments by library employees, and there are a couple particularly worthy of mention this week. Ashley has now submitted her application for tenure; her rather large binder of supporting materials and her tenure narrative are up for review by the Library Tenure Committee. While this is simply the first step in a year-long process, the completion of the binder itself is a career milestone - please congratulate Ashley and wish her well for the year of review.

Along these lines, efforts by Kathy and Elizabeth related to regional campuses and students transferring to Murray State also stand deserving of praise. The Board, President, and Provost have all been explicit in their focus on enrollment at the regional campuses and our ability to accept and retain transfer students is of interest to CPE. Last week, Elizabeth conducted the first of two library orientation workshops specifically for transfer students, which was well attended and received positive feedback. Kathy is already booked for six instruction sessions on site in Hopkinsville, Madisonville, Paducah, and with the Hickman County High School Racer Academy students. Thanks Kathy and Elizabeth!

Last week, Dr. Morgan conducted the first of a new series of meetings referred to as Provost's Council. This meeting includes the deans, directors, and faculty/staff leadership once per month. One key piece of information coming from Provost's Council was the status of carry-forwards. Our automatic carry-forwards have been released (these don't really represent actual money, since they are used in an accounting backflip to keep our journal and database subscriptions aligned with the fiscal years). Other carry-forwards are not likely to be released until spring, if then. This means that - once again - we have our existing operating budget to get us through the year. I ask that everyone be mindful of their equipment and supply orders, and not to be too surprised if we wait on ordering equipment until the spring when we have a clearer picture on when/if we will get carry-forwards.

Have a great week everyone!