Typhoon Kadiang (flo) hits Luzon!

Know what really happened in this 1993 typhoon!

Luzon hit by typhoon!

Ladies and gentlemen, you are not going to believe what happened! My name is Andrew and I am here in the North Philippines where typhoon Kadiang (flo) has just finished its assault on the island of Luzon. It was a category 1 typhoon that killed about 575 people, at least 50 of which by the heavy flooding. Its top speed was 120 kmph. Here I have a victim of the storm George Harris. He says " I have lost my home and everything I own. My family and I have no food or shelter. This typhoon has caused us a terrible loss and I wish the other victims luck for I know firsthand what kind of trouble they are in." Thank you for sharing this information with us, we all hope that you and your family will be alright. To conclude this, I have to say that typhoons are very devestating and i hope that everyone is alright. 

What is a typhoon?

For those who do not know what a typhoon is, it is a tropical storm that can only form over deep, warm ocean water though they can also develop when strong thunderstorms and high winds mix. When they form they often start as a minimal tropical storm such as a monsoon but could easily develop into a deadlier storm like a typhoon or hurricane. A typhoon can uproot trees, raise homes by their foundations and over turn cars and large trucks. The middle of the storm is called the "eye". This is the part of the storm where the winds are the most calm. As the storm gets stronger, the air pressure in the eye becomes lower which results in the eye becoming smaller. When the typhoon gets weaker the air pressure rises and the eye gets bigger. Hurricanes are measured on Saffir Simpsons hurricane intensity scale. Category 1s highest winds being 153 kmph and category 5s highest winds over 248 kmph. Typhoons can also cause storm surges which happen when the storms winds push the oceans surface ahead of the storm. These can be 160km wide! Storm surges are what primarily cause floods. As you see typhoons are no laughing matter and are very deadly. 


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Typhoon Flo (1993)