Math Update Summer 2017

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Summer Math Assignments

All Delran students entering grades 3-12 have a summer math assignment, which will be due at the beginning of the school year!

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Graphing Calculators at DHS

For the 2017-2018 school year, Delran High School will implement a new calculator policy. Beginning in September, all mathematics students will be required to have a graphing calculator that will be brought to class on a daily basis. The teachers will no longer have calculators in the classroom for student use; therefore, it is incumbent on the students to bring their calculator daily. We do have a few calculators that are available for students to sign-out for the year (like a textbook); however, priority will be given to students who have shown financial need. The Math Department suggests the TI-83 or TI-84 model since they are able to be used on all assessments, including standardized tests. (Note: the "CE" designation on some models just means it has a color screen. The CE calculators have the same functions as the other models, and a color screen is not a necessity.)

Students enrolled in Algebra I in 8th grade are strongly encouraged to obtain their own graphing calculator, as they will need it throughout high school!

Suggestions for obtaining graphing calculators:

  • Be on the lookout for summer sales! The school does not endorse any particular retailers, but I did see an ad for a back-to-school sale at Staples this week with a TI-83 plus on sale for $89.99.
  • Check out second-hand retailers such as eBay and Amazon. Graphing calculators tend to be quite durable, and you might be able to find one previously owned.

Bedtime Math - Free App for Elementary Students

Bedtime Math is a FREE app that presents a different real-world situation each day, along with related math problems at various levels from pre-K through 5th grade. Their mission is to help kids love numbers so they can handle the math in real life. Using the Bedtime Math App for just a few minutes each day (or a few times a week) is a fun way to keep math skills sharp over the summer, and to show kids plenty of real-world applications of the math they learn in school!

Follow the directions in the image below to download the app and enter our school district’s special code.

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