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Stella & Dot Trunk Show 12/12/14

Hi, Jenn!

I apologize for the huge delay in sending this to you all. I'm really looking forward to your trunk show on December 12th. There's a lot of info in here (I promise it's only long one I'll send you) that outlines our next steps, important dates and answers questions you may have about hosting a show.

I have you in my system for Friday, December 12th at 7:00 pm. (We can change the time if you'd like.) Our trunk shows are meant to be very casual "open house" type events, meaning guests should feel free to stop by when they can within a two to three hour window. They can browse and order anytime between now and Sunday, January 2nd when your show closes using this exclusive shopping link:

* This is such a perfect time to host because not only will your guests be able to earn Dot Dollars with every $50 purchase, your show will be still be open during the redemption period (12/30 - 1/7) so you can earn even more rewards!
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here's what's next:

1) SAVE the DATE:
Your online invitation is all set up and ready to go in our system, but it's a great idea to send a save-the-date message prior to your invitations going out. If you'd like to do this, just copy the below message into an email (feel free to edit if you'd like!) and please cc' me on it so that I have a list of all your guests' email addresses. I can then create and send all the invitations for you through our Stella & Dot online system.

Holiday Sip n' Shop
featuring Stella & Dot jewelry, gifts & accessories
Friday, December 12th at 7:00 pm
~ Invitation to follow ~

(By Monday, November 24th)
I can take care of all of this for you. You can email me your lists using an Excel template I can email you, or just send me your email addresses in the body of a message to by the above date. Or, if you prefer to enter the addresses yourself, you can do so through your hostess account. Be sure to cast a wide net and invite neighbors, friends, family, former co-workers, etc. Don't be afraid to mix social groups together and encourage everyone to bring a friend along! Think of anyone and everyone who might enjoy our collection and who may be looking for gifts to give! I recommend shooting for 30+ invitees, as it's typical for about 1/3 to 1/2 to attend.

(Monday, December 8th) I always like to send an email out to the entire group that includes some info about myself and the trunk show, links to some best selling pieces, the online look book, an RSVP reminder, photos and incentives. Sort of a way for them to get to know me and get excited prior to the show!

(Thursday, December 11th) A couple days before, I encourage hostesses to reach out personally to those guests who they haven't heard from via email or text. I can create an image of your invitation, and you can simply text or email it to your guests. Just a quick note saying "Just checking in...I would love to see you at my trunk show this on Friday…” It's so easy for people to reply!

(Saturday, December 13th) The day following your show, I send one last email thanking guests for attending, and including a shopping link and the closing date and holiday shipping calendar of the show for anyone who was not able to be there. I will also send you a Hostess Rewards Summary detailing your sales, rewards and how to place your hostess order.


We love the idea of keeping things simple. Guests typically love to come over, grab a glass of wine and try on jewelry while they mingle. We want other guests to see that a trunk show doesn't have to be a formal fact, I'd love for them to do one of their own! And, I am going to make you my fabulous model for the trunk show, so feel free to wear something that you'd normally wear to brunch or dinner with friends. I may even ask your guests to bring a piece from their wardrobe that they'd really like to have styled.
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style rewards

What can you earn?

As a hostess, you can use your online accounts to create a wish list. My goal is get your sales over $1,000 so that you can earn the maximum FREE jewelry rewards, which is 25% of sales, and additional half-price discounts. Our Style Rewards program is unparalleled:

- Show with $300 - $499 retail = 15% in Style Rewards & (2) half-price discounts
- Show with $500 - $999 retail = 20% in Style Rewards & (3) half-price discounts
- Show with $1K+ retail = 25% in Style Rewards & (4) half-price discounts

*Your show is open for three weeks after the event date, so I'll be sure to leave extra look books in case you have any outside orders. I highly recommend passing these around to guests who are unable to attend, neighbors, etc. It's a great way to share the style with everyone you know, and earn additional rewards! If you choose to place your Hostess Order prior to those three weeks, you can still earn rewards for any orders placed within that time. (In other words, placing your hostess order does not close your show.) Not to mention, you don't have to use all your rewards at once. You can save them for future purchases for up to six months!

want more than just rewards?

Consider becoming a Stylist!

This is the PERFECT time of year to try out our amazing Stylist opportunity, and earn extra money for the holidays plus tons of free products and incentives! Take a look at this video and see what you think! If you sign on before your show, we can it your launch party and you could earn both rewards AND commission! Or, if you think any of your guests or out of town friends may make a great Stylist, please let me know. I'll be sure to gift you with something sparkly once they sign on!
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