Queen of Apostles School

Term 1 Week 8 - Thursday 24 March 2022

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Friday 8 April

Stations of the Cross



Wednesday 27 April

Dance PP - Yr 6

Thursday 28 April

11.00am SRC ANZAC Ceremony

Tuesday 3 May

Da Vinci Decathlon UWA

Wednesday 4 May

Dance PP-Yr 6

Friday 6 May

9.00am Gathering - Rosary

Monday 9 May

6.30pm P&F Meeting

Tuesday 10 May


Wednesday 11 May


Dance PP-Yr 6

Thursday 12 May


Friday 13 May


2.00-3.00pm Littlies Lap-a-thon

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It certainly has been a tricky few weeks as we navigate the COVID landscape we are currently facing. But I must say overwhelmingly the Queen of Apostles community has been excellent at sticking to the rules, supporting one another and doing all you can to keep everyone safe.

I would also like to say thank you to those of you who have sent positive emails and made encouraging comments about the way the school is handling the pandemic. We will continue to implement the rules as per WA Health and CEWA directions. We will also update the community as soon as we are able to if there are any changes to directions.

COVID Portal

It is vitally important that parents and caregivers inform the school if their child tests positive for COVID-19.

To help streamline this process a COVID-19 Self-reporting Form for Students and Staff members has been developed by Catholic Education WA (CEWA). Parents and caregivers can now inform the school of their child’s positive or negative COVID result via this LINK - https://cewa-collections.powerappsportals.com/COVID-19-Self-Reporting-Form/

The information will go directly to me, prompting our COVID response.

To support our planning for your child’s classroom attendance, please continue to notify us if your child returns a negative PCR/ RAT result, after:

• being identified as a close contact (Day 1 test to return to school as an asymptomatic close contact), and/or

• being identified as a household close contact (Day 7 test to conclude quarantine).

The link is also available on the Queen of Apostles website: https://www.qoa.wa.edu.au

Please do not underestimate the importance of informing us of a positive COVID case. Your actions will ensure the risk to others is minimised and that we do our very best to limit the spread of the virus across our community.

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This morning at 9am the Year 3 and 5’s were involved in a Nationally Coordinated NAPLAN Practice Test. Schools from all over Australia took part in this practice test to ensure all was in readiness for the NAPLAN assessments in May. It is also an opportunity for our classes to ensure they are familiar with the platform and types of questions they may encounter. Both classes will complete more practice tests to ensure they are ready.

Parent/Teacher Interviews

In weeks 9 and 10 parents/carers will have the opportunity to speak to the classroom teacher about the progress of each student during Term 1. I hope everyone has been able to use the online booking system in place and you have secured your preferred time.

This year the meetings will take place either online or over the phone. If you haven’t booked your time yet I encourage you to do so as soon as possible.

Stations of the Cross

This year we will be holding our Stations of the Cross prayer reflection on Friday 8th April. Each class will be involved in preparing two stations and it will be held outside. The Stations of the Cross is a powerful way to contemplate, and enter into, the mystery of Jesus' gift of himself to us.

Parking and Drive-Thru Arrangements

With a number of new families to the school this year I would like to remind everyone of our parking and drive through arrangements at the front of the school as the safety of our children is of paramount importance.

1. Vehicles will enter via the middle driveway on Tribute St East.

2. If you wish to park and leave your car to come into the school, please turn to the left and park in one of the bays adjacent to the Early Learning Centre or use the marked roadside bays outside the school.

3. When exiting the car park, you will do so at the exit closest to Vahland Ave.

4. If you are only dropping-off or picking-up then please veer right and enter the drive-thru area. In this area you may not park or leave your vehicle unattended - it is strictly drop-off or pick-up only!

5. When exiting the drive-thru section you will use the exit closest to Tudor Ave.

6. Children waiting to be picked up are to wait on the verandah, under teacher supervision, and when they see their parent’s car enter the drive-thru, they may proceed down the steps at either end of the ramp and wait on the footpath adjacent to the bay where their parent has pulled up. Children should enter vehicles from the curbside only to avoid passing vehicles.

Best Wishes

Mark Ryan


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Project Compassion Update 2

Thank you to all those students who donated to the Project Compassion Giving Box in their classroom.

The class who raised the most money in the second week of the competition was ... Year 5!

Students in Year 5 are pictured below, proudly displaying the Caritas chick whom they have named Victor! They will host Victor until next week when boxes are once again collected, and a new winner is announced.

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Please give generously to Project Compassion and help Caritas with their important work throughout Australia and around the world.

Valencia Maloney & the Social Justice Committee

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End of Term 1 Specials

Hot Cross Buns $2.00

Chicken Quesedilla $5.50

(chicken, cheese & corn)

Easter Sundae $2.50

(custard, ice-cream, cookie crumbs & Hot Cross Bun bits) $2.50

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