REC School Raptor Report

February 2019 Edition

"Learning Together Success for All"

"Learning Together Success for All"

Mission Statement:

Respect, Encourage, Collaborate. Succeed together!

Vision Statement:

Red Earth Creek School fosters a positive and respectful learning environment which embraces diversity, collaboration, and inspires students to flourish as lifelong learners.

Values Statement:

Respect: promote the appreciation of ourselves, others and our environment.

Achieve: foster critical thinking, creativity and lifelong learning.

Participate: encourage opportunities to take risks, collaborate and build confidence.

Thrive: inspire yourself and others.

Open-minded: appreciate others views and ideas.

Responsible: advocate for students to become responsible citizens.

Success: we believe in success for all!

Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message

Second semester has begun and is off to a great start! There are a few key messages that I would like to take this time to share with you all.

New Attendance Initiative!

We have created a new attendance initiative – Students that come to school every day will be rewarded weekly with attendance dollars from K to 6. They can use their attendance dollars to purchase various items from our mock store. Students from Grades 7 to 12 will receive gift certificate awards of a monetary value that they can spend later for perfect monthly attendance.

***Note*** Teachers will use discretion when handing out the awards. For example, when extreme weather is a play in student absence we will not penalize the student.

Parents have a voice in Education!

Make sure your voice is heard by filling out the surveys you will receive in the mail from Alberta Education. By filling out these surveys you are giving Red Earth Creek School a report card. Red Earth Creek School reviews these results to ensure we are providing your children with a great education! We also share these results with you in our Did You Know section of our Newsletter.

February is Anti-Bully month!

REC staff and students will be busy preparing for our Pink Shirt day celebration on Feb 27th. Our celebration will show how Red Earth Creek School staff and students take a stand against bullying! We will all be sporting our Pink Shirt day shirts designed by our very own Jessica Thomas!


Mr. Erin Reilly

Acting Principal, Red Earth Creek School

Superintendant’s Message

Parents: Have a Voice in Education

In January and February many parents will receive a survey in their mailbox from Alberta Education. Please take a few moments to complete this survey - your participation is very important to us.

Your response to the survey provides valuable information regarding what is working in schools and what needs improvement. Your answers to the questions in the survey are confidential and are considered during school and divisional planning. Therefore, this survey provides an opportunity for you to impact decision making regarding your child’s education and school.

The survey is mailed to parents in grades 4, 7 and 10 (unless the school has fewer than 120 students in grades 4-12 in which case the survey will be expanded to include all students and parents). To ensure we receive as many responses back from parents as possible, the survey comes with a postage paid return envelope.

Thank you in advance for your time spent in completing the survey. Through working and learning together, your input and involvement makes our schools great places to grow, learn and be.

Paul Bennett

Superintendent of Schools

Peace River School Division No. 10

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The spiritual traditions of the First Nations, Metis and Inuit are honored and embraced in our school.

Red Earth Creek School recently has hired a FNMI educational assistant to help support and embrace First Nation Traditions. Let's give a nice warm welcome to Victoria Noskiye.


Accountability Pillar survey Notice

Surveys have been mailed out to everyone who has children in Grades 4 to Grade 12.

These surveys show us how you feel about what is working or needs improvement at REC School. Consider it our mini-report card.

All surveys are confidential, so please fill them out. Let your voice be heard!




Providing safe and caring learning environments for students is very important to us. We understand that in order for students to learn, flourish and reach their full potential, they need to feel safe, happy and cared for in a positive learning environment.

The work we do to foster safe and caring learning environments is consistent and on-going through various programs, initiatives, and presentations focused on healthy relationships and personal well-being. Mentorship and leadership programs, student groups, wellness and character education, behaviour support programs, and our focus on citizenship support a culture of respect and kindness in our schools.

In Peace River School Division, we employ divisional Social Workers, Success Coaches and Youth Education Support Workers who support safe and caring schools through regular programming, small groups, conflict resolution, one-on-one support. Our Social Workers, Success Coaches and Youth Education Support Workers also provide a link for our schools and families to access community resources and supports that may be available from various agencies.

As our Safe and Caring policy states “All those involved with the division including trustees, employees, students, parents, volunteers, contractors and visitors must share in the responsibility for eliminating bullying, discrimination, harassment, and violence. The board prohibits bullying and expects allegations of such behaviours to be investigated in a timely and respectful manner.”

View PRSD’s Policy 19 Safe and Caring on our website homepage to read Policy 19 in detail.

Safety Advisory Committee

Christmas Parade

Meet Mr. Taylor Hulme

Hello, For those who do not know me, my name is Taylor Hulme. I am the current Grades 4-6 Teacher at Red Earth Creek School. I was born in Edmonton but grew up in Peace River, AB. I attended the University of Alberta, graduating in December 2018. This is my first year as a teacher and have been loving it so far! I look forward to a great 2019 with my students!

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. You can either phone the school or reach me at


School Council of Councils presentation

On Thursday, January 31st, REC School staff and volunteers attended a PD day on the School Council Purpose and School Council Fundraising Association Partnership Purpose.

We would like to send out a huge thank you to Alberta School Council Association for coming to Red Earth to educate the staff and parents on how to have an effective School Council, Fundraising Society and communication between parents, community members and staff.


School Council

Breakfast Program:

Our School Council and RECESS Society have continued on with our school breakfast program again this year. Our school breakfast program supplies a morning snack to all of our students.

Students have a choice between fruit, yogurt, or other various breakfast snacks!

Would you like to donate to our breakfast program or other programs in our school? You can do so by clicking on the link below!

Monthly Meetings:

Our next School Council and RECESS Society meeting is on Thursday February 7th from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm.

Everyone is welcome to attend!

For the 2018-2019 School year are newly elected board members are...

Chairperson: Crystal Sawan

ViceChairperson: Brendan Powell

Secretary: Jolanda Dougan


Do you want to donate to Red Earth Creek School? When someone donates online, they can choose the school and program they wish to donate to and print a charitable donation receipt immediately.

R.E.C.E.S.S Society

Our newly elected board members for the 2018-2019 school year are....

President: Jolanda Dougan

Vice President: Chantelle Thomas

Treasurer: Heather McTaggart

Secretary: Crystal Sawan

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