Release Notes for Version 9.7


On Tuesday, November 27th, Fidelis released a new version of ProcessorLink, version 9.7, with significant, time saving features new to the application and numerous refinements to existing functionality. Among the major, new features, Fidelis notably:

  • introduced two mass Transfer features that enables an approved manufacturer user to effortlessly transfer all balances that matched a user specified criteria (e.g. balance less than 20 lbs) into a single designated bank per state for any or all states with a few single clicks of the mouse
  • deployed a Rebate Payment module which enables a manufacturer to apply a Check Nbr, Date and Payment against the accumulated donated food value captured in ProcessorLink against reported rebate sales transactions

The refinements were no less significant:

  • overhauled the Transfer wizard to streamline the workflow so that it is optimized for your use and naturally intuitive in design
  • created optionally displayed columns on the Sales Transaction Report enabling the end user to customize the report to his preferences
  • and many others...

Mass Transfer

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The two Mass Transfer features introduced with the workflow optimization completed in the Transfer wizard enables those manufacturer users on the Mass Transfer Access Control List to transfer pounds from school district banks that match the criteria specified in the wizard (e.g. balance less than 55 pounds) to a user specified destination bank.

An authorized user can quickly consolidate small balances or unused carryover pounds in one, some or all of the states configured in ProcessorLink to a destination bank per state. The default destination bank is the corresponding state's General Donated Food Account but the user is free to select any destination bank she wishes to on the candidate screen.

The changes to the Transfer module don't end with the module itself. Fidelis integrated a comprehensive Help system for the module. Simply click on the Question mark in the upper right when on that module or let the call out direct your eyes there when first accessing this newly updated module.

Rebate Payment Module

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The Rebate Payment Module, new to ProcessorLink in version 9.7, provides a location to record manufacturer payment against the donated food drawn down against rebate sales transactions reported to ProcessorLink. This data is then optionally viewable in the Sales Transaction Report as described below.

You can find this new module under Accounting -> Rebate Payment.

Sales Transaction Report Search

The requests to incorporate additional columns in the Sales Transaction Report have been numerous, and, if satisfied, would result in a report that would tax the user's ability to horizontally scroll. Fidelis instead introduced optionally included columns on the search screen

  • for standard users, they can optionally display the Product Name and Shipment Destination, two values that typically have lengthy values
  • however, manufacturer users can control the display of a Payment Reference Type (Billback or Rebate), Payment Transaction Identifier (Billback ID or Rebate Payment ID) and Payment Check Nbr, if relevant.

Donated Food Account Report

Fidelis had good intentions when it introduced Pending Allocations and expandable sections of the report to display the donated food components that comprise the Available donated food pounds value. However, the Including Pending language and the links to expand the report to display the detail columns proved to be too busy. Furthermore, the display of the expandable columns was not smooth when the report was displaying a large number of records. It was time for refinement. The end result is a more intuitive display and a smooth transition when an expandable link (Show Detail) is selected.

Other changes...

  • A new menu header, Accounting, which is now home to the Billback module, the Billback by Material Report and the new Rebate Payment module
  • Changes to the school districts Accounts page similar to the changes to the Donated Food Account Report
  • Allow a manufacturer to report the bill type code for a transaction in the Manufacturer Direct Sales Transaction Template
  • Change the Import Manufacturer Sales Transaction process to accept the native RA Nbr, the state code and dash prefix with the native RA Nbr or the manufacturer's customer nbr to identify a school district when processing an imported direct sales transaction
  • Enable a manufacturer user to switch the display metric (e.g. Total Net Wt.) of Total Orders by Destination Report on the report itself without having to return to the search screen
  • Numerous bug fixes and minor enhancements

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