Friends of Animals

BY: Ty Fowler

Mission statement

they befriend animals that have been abused and wildlife that are being hunted

What are they protecting ?

They protect all wildlife

Laws that protect them

  1. airborne hunting act
  2. National wildlife refuge system
  3. migratory bird hunting stamp act
  4. migratory bird treaty act

Community Concerns

Some of the people in Ct agree with what friends of animals stand for.

People against the organization

people that are against friends of animals are hunters, fishermen, and rednecks.
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2 incidences

Their success. We're very pleased with our Wildlife Law Program which was launched in 2013 to fill a niche between animal and environmental activism. The program focuses on the defense of wildlife and their habitats throughout the world and has already had excellent success so far, including having a ruling passed to protect three African atelope species from U.S. canned hunting and having five types of sturgeons considered for "endangered species" status.

Their is no negative effects.