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September/October 2019

Good to Know:

  1. TASA is 9/18, TEPSA is 11/12, an TASSP is 11/13 Be sure you are a member for coverage and plug in for networking! Not sure what they are, click on the links to learn more!
  2. UPCOMING ESC15 WORKSHOPS for Administrators!
  3. Our "Administrator's Directory" is a GREAT online resource for all your questions!
ESF Webinar Series

JOIN US! "Lunch & Learn" Webinar Series - Thursdays @1 9/19-10/24

What is ESF? Watch the short video above!
In our opinion, BEST FREE TOOL to help guide your planning and work to choose HIGH LEVERAGE actions!

Grab lunch and click on the links below to join us for a 20 minute "lunch and learn" session!

ESF Zoom Webinar Series:

1 of 6: Sept 19 @ 1:00 PM (watch Lesson Planning video here)

2 of 6: Sept 26 @ 1:00 PM (watch Data-Driven Instruction video here)

3 of 6: Oct 3 @ 1:00 PM (watch High Quality Curriculum video here)

4 of 6: Oct 10 @ 1:00 PM (watch Positive School Culture video here)

5 of 6: Oct 17 @ 1:00 PM (watch Effective, Well-Supported Teachers video here)

6 of 6: Oct 24th @ 1:00 PM (watch Strong School Leadership and Planning video here)

Resources WE WILL Reference:

ESF 6 Pager (revised 10/7/19)

ESF 8 Pager

ESF Essential Actions Exemplars

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TEA news you can use

FAQ: Our campus has hired a new principal for the school year; however, lists our previous principal in the profile section of our campus. The contact information listed in a district or campus profile page on is updated through the online Texas Education Directory, AskTED. To ensure the information shown in AskTED is accurate, please contact your district’s AskTED administrator to update records for your campuses and district. The profile section of will then reflect those changes made through AskTED. Don't know your district’s AskTED administrator? Find them using the AskTED website. Choose Search by district, select the Personnel information type radio button, check Include Other District Roles, and select TED ADMINISTRATOR.


Performance Reporting Calendar: 2019 Accountability Manual

September 13 - 2019 Accountability Appeals Window Closes


This graphic is an oldie but goodie! It shows the path of beginning teachers WITHOUT support.

If you have lived life in schools any amount of time you are aware that October and February are tough staff "culture" months. I call them the "grinding" months, YOU JUST DO IT! This is where GRIT shows up and YOU, as the leader, SET THE TONE, whether intentional or unintentional! Recognize the struggle, encourage collaboration and hard work, and affirm effort! Have you seen or done something to motivate and encourage during these "grinding" months? Let's BE INTENTIONAL & Lead On!

Want MORE? GREAT 20 min podcast on Inspiring YOUR Team by Craig Groeschel!