Monserrate Bogota, Colombia

All of Bogota just 10000 feet in the AIR!

Getting there

You get there at the station and pay for a ticket. Once you buy the ticket the security guard will guide to to the tram that you will ride to the top of the mountain.

Things to do there

Once you get up there, there is a bunch of trails to walk or run on and along the trails are the stages of the Catholic Church. There is a restaurant and the food is really good there. The people there play Colombian music on really weird instruments but sounds good. There is also a cathedral that is very big and you can have church there on Sundays. When you walk to the edge you can almost all of Bogota and is so awesome because there is 10.5 million people there.

Some of the Views

Really cool trails, views, and more

Trails on Monserrate

There are about around 340 easy trails for anyone of any age. Lots of people will train up on the trails because of the high altitude. The trails or made of stone and there are 3 foot tall walls to keep people from falling. All around you and below is just dense rain forests lots of cool flowers and weird plants and animals.