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Location: Reno, Nevada

Hours: Sunday-Saturday 8am-9pm

(Not open on Mondays)


Phone: 1-800-MAD-SHOES

Boat shoes

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Boat shoes have become increasingly popular in recent years. They are both comfortable and fashionable. Our boat shoes combine these two things with durability. The shoes are made of quality leather and fabric, to provide a pristine experience when wearing them. For the fee range of $40-60 you can own your own pair of our boat shoes, perfectly suited for an afternoon walk on your favorite yacht.

Dress shoes

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Most people attend some sort of formal event at least one time in their life. Most of the time formal attire is required to attend these events. Our high-quality dress shoes are very well-suited for balls, dances, meetings, and much more. Like our boat shoes, our dress shoes are made of only the finest quality leather. For the fees of $80-120 you can be the envy of the party with your immensely attractive shoes.


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Everybody needs to be comfortable once in a while. Our moccasins can and will provide with that comfort. While they are intended for casual use in your own home, you can of course wear them in public. In fact, we encourage you to where them in public, to show off to everyone how comfortable your feet are. It's like you never even left home! For a small fee ranging from $20-40 you can own a pair of our moccasins, made from the highest quality leather and fabric.

Rent a Shoe Service

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Rent a shoe service? When you first see this on our website and in-stores, you may have some questions. Why would I rent a pair of shoes, and more importantly that someone else's feet have been in? Well, our rent-a-shoe service provides you (mainly) with a pair of dress shoes for a one time occasion. Have an important meeting but don't have the proper attire? For the small fee of $5 an hour, you can rent a pair of our finest dress shoes. We assure you that immediately upon return, our shoes are cleaned and polished until they look as if they were just crafted.