By: Ashleigh Baker

What are spreadsheets???

Spreadsheets are sheets where you put your data, interpret data, your also format your data into the spreadsheets, and you also chart data. So I will give you examples of data, interpret data and also how to chart your data.

Formatting Data

When you format your data you go up to the tool bar and you hit the format button and it format all of your data for you.

Entering Data

When you enter data you just type in the free spaces what you want it to say and you can change it or you can format the data when ever you want to.

Charting Data

When you chart data you put your information in first, then you highlight it, then you go up to the tool bar and click on charts and you can pick whatever chart you want then after you pick it you can change anything you want.

Interpreting Data!!!!

Here is a video of Spreadsheets!!!

Using Google Spreadsheets as a Database in the Cloud