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America has offered many opportunities in making people laugh and becoming amused. This did not only apply to Americans, but also to anyone around the world who are willing to take their passion in entertaining the minds of others to a whole new level and share their talent. America is entertainment because of the success in making movies, shows, games, music, artwork, etc. America has created a legendary reputation in becoming a place with many attractions all over each 50 states. From the age of the uprising of Flappers to the age of stand up comedians, America has created a new way of bringing the best dessert to the table. The nation of Entertainment is open to every single person who wants to start their career in the Entertainment business.


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The Ball represents the infamous world record that the Basketball team Golden State Warriors hold. They broke the 96' bulls record with a remarkable 73 Wins and 9 Losses in a single 82 game season with the previous record being 72 Wins and 10 Losses. The NBA has seen this as never being reachable by any team but as the Legendary Michael Jordan said, "Records are meant to be broken" and that is exactly what this team did. Their current coach, Steve Kerr, orchestrated the team through many hardships and broke through this record. He was actually part of the old record holding team and managed to break it himself.

The sport of basketball has captured many people to watch it in full depth and keep in touch with everything going on inside of the NBA. The NBA has been one of the most attention capturing forms of entertainment there is and will only continue to keep on growing.


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The first Disneyland ticket was preordered by Walt Disney's brother, Roy Disney. The same thing happened for the first ticket of Disneyworld. These attractions have made numerous amounts of families bring happiness and joy to their day and have also made money from their overpriced food and tickets. The first couple of tickets were only like those you would buy from a movie theater. Eventually, they got more and more appealing to the eye as the decades and success went on. The starting price was at 1 dollar per person at the ticket booths. Nowadays, its in the hundreds and thousands due to the overflowing amount of passholders and cast members.

Disneyland and the Disney brand have achieved major success over the decades. Their attractions and vendors have made them a leading cause of entertainment for every family, person, or couple that attends. Disneyland is truly known as being the Happiest Place On Earth.


Charlie Chaplin was the most popular actor of the 1920s. He created Silent Films mostly. Each time he appeared in theaters, such as the Cotton Club, Everyone would fill the space until the doors were blocked off just to see him doing what he does best in screenplay. He captivated the audience through his sentimental comedic style and always made the audience leave with a smile as well as laughter. Although he created a colored Film, The general consensus came to say that everyone loved his silent films way more than any colored film he produced. Apparently, Chaplin believed that his best film he created was his only colored film, A Countess From Hong Kong. Theaters were always around for his films to take the screen each day. Theaters were made to help local citizens escape the harsh reality of the Great Depression. It helped cure their brains for a couple hours and remain calm.

These forms of entertainment were the most popular at their time. Theaters, of course, are still around and have now grown all over the country. Many movie producers are able to still bring people excitement and joy to the audience. Entertainment's background can really be seen as starting off in a theater This will only grow and get better over time and keep our nation unified under the uncontrollable and desirable urge to laugh and spread the Joy.