Director's retreat highlights!

A Special seat at Directors retreat for you!!!

Are you ready for leadership? Is 2015 your year to build your team?

Hello Stellar Dots leaders and future leaders!

We just returned from Director's retreat and I wish our entire team could have been there together! I kept picturing so many of you joining me next year! Is this your year to build your own team? Would you like to get a sneak peak into the training for top leaders? Director's retreat is for Associate Directors and above. It's an amazing opportunity to learn from the best of the best. Jessica Herrin, Danielle Redner and our top leaders share their best practices so we can learn from them. It always inspires me and motivates me to think that every single leader started off the same way. Our top leaders started with a starter kit, not knowing how to book a trunk show, and most only wanted to become a stylist for a fun hobby. Most did not ever imagine what was ahead for them or what was possible if they worked hard. At some point on their journey, they decided they wanted more! They wanted to build their own sales team and help others start their own business.

Director's retreat fills my cup. I leave the weekend happy and grateful for the opportunity to earn an income while doing something i love. I always leave more confident and with a plan to do what I need to do to have a successful year. I want to share with you what I learned and what inspires me! You are lucky! No registration, no flight, no hotel expense! It's all here for you to take in at your own pace and enjoy! You have an official seat in the front row to take it all in. You don't even need to get dressed up! Wear your PJ's or and get comfy and enjoy a taste of what is ahead for YOU! Maybe this is the year for you to promote to a new level and build your team.

Grab a cup of tea, or maybe your favorite glass of wine, and get comfortable in a place without distraction, so you can take it all in. The video clips are filled with great tips and inspiring stories to fill your cup and help you reach your 2015 goals! I hope you enjoy! We are so fortunate to have a stylist community that wants to share their top tips and wants to support each other. You can try to do it all on your own, or you can learn from those that have it down! The women on these clips were chosen because they are the top in our company! xoxo (log into the lounge first with your password and stylist ID, and then click the links to watch)

Director's retreat workbook

How to earn more per hour and increase productivity!