Twitter - It's a powerful thing!

Instructional Ideas Flyer #8 - October 3, 2016

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The potential of Twitter!

The potential to grow as an educator on Twitter is endless! Below you will find some information that may help you dive into Twitter. Even if you don't want to or feel comfortable 'tweeting', I gain a ton by just following along on the outside. Enjoy the information below and feel free to ask Mrs. Calliahan as well. She is a Twitter 'Pro'!
Twitter for Educators

The website below has a wealth of Twitter information!

Start by following these individuals or hashtags!









@phillipshuskies - Jr. High Math

#msmathchat - Jr. High Math

or just start searching away!!!

To-Do List: Setting Up Your Account

  • Join! Keep your username brief. Consider using your real name, too.
  • No eggs: use a photo of yourself or something that's easily identifiable as YOU for your profile pic (AVI).
  • Your bio! Keep it brief & informative, and be sure to include a relevant URL if you have one to share.
  • Follow people you like & admire. Watch to see who they follow & interact with, to follow people outside of your own circle.

View multiple people at the same time using TWEETDECK!

Keep Growing Our Profession!