Manuel Noriega


In what ways was Manuel Noriega a "sneaky dude"?


Noriega was a former intelligence officer, general and dictator of Panama. He was a sneaky dude, he had contacts with not only the US, but Cuba, and Nicaragua He was friendly with Colombian drug cartels. The US stopped supporting his activities and accused him of drug trafficking. He is considered a gangster in modern terms.

Noriega caused many Panama lives to be lost during the Panama invasion of 1989. He simply went into hiding to avoid capture.

Noriega is currently a prisoner of war in Panama

The Rise and Fall of Manuel Noriega

Analysis of Video

He seems to be good with kids, especially the ones he is giving drugs to in the United States. In the video, you can see his personal skills and qualities. He is getting the crowd going. You can also see his physical characteristics when a man interviewed calls him a "thug".

A Journal Entry by Manuel Noriega

I have been in hiding for several months now. I am getting kind of sick of hiding from the United States. I feel I have done nothing wrong, just doing my job. I have been thinking of surrendering myself, but I am scared. I do not know what they will do to me. I do not want to go to prison. A man like me can not survive in prison. I will be dead right when I cross the threshold of the door into prison. I am losing my mind being all by myself in hiding. I have decided to surrender now. Maybe this sorrow will end. Now I am Dead.


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