Cordless Wand

cuter curls with less dead ends!

Sam Martinez 8-3

(Biggie Smallz)

This wand will be in stores June 7th

The cordless wand has a switch off button for when you dont need it. it it just like a curling iron, except it doesn't need a plug or an outlet. It also cools down at the bottom so it doesn't burn the ends of your hair. You can determine what kind of curls you want, by how long you keep your hair on the wand. So why are you still sitting here? Go get it!

Things you can use to add on to your curls

You can find the cordless wand at stores such as:

*Sall's Beauty Shop

*Stevi Loren salon

*Many places in the mall where we are set up with the different types of wands

We are also available online!

Go to our website: and go through the varieties of the wands and choose the one you like. It comes with free shipping and handling so why wait?


Tuesday, June 4th 2013 at 7:30pm

Hwy 111

Palm Springs, CA

Come to Palm Springs and join us for a free trial for using the cordless wand. My assistants and I will curl you and your friend's hair for free. If you are satisfied with the appearance, then you will get a free cordless wand. If not we will give you one of our free products that come with the wand. Come and join us for free food and free hair trials!

Other ideas

If you cannot make it to the free trial event, you can always go to our youtube channel and watch the tutorial on how to curl the hair with a cordless wand. If you would like a personal tutorial you can find me at the Parks Mall on Fridays at 8am-10pm