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We will be coming up with GOOD READS twice every month. We will be sharing some good articles which will revolve around the concept of entrepreneurship and thus helping you to expand your horizons through reading.

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Then what is Social Entrepreneurship?

How to create 30 Crore from Rs. 1000?

And What Lessons Does Billionaire Mentors Teach You?

Let's cheer up for an Entrepreneur studying with us at SSE!

Mayur Garud have launched a business venture recently. It is an e-commerce website named "" which sells fresh fish, home delivered all across Pune. For all fish lovers out there, here's the perfect place to satisfy your craving for fresh fish and wait for it at your doorstep, that too within hours of placing the order!

So hurry up and order now!

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But How will I read so much very quickly?

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