West by Leo G

physical and human characteristics

The States Of The West

These are the states in the West: Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Nevada, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Alaska, Hawaii, Colorado.


There are many interesting landforms in the West. These are the landforms of the West: the Rocky Mountains, Great Basin, Mt. Rainer, Mt. Mckinley, Mt. Hood, Diamond Head, Yellow Stone National Park, San Andreas Fault, Mojave Desert, and Mt. St. Helens.The San Andreas fault causes earthquakes. Those are some of the interesting landforms of the West.

Major Bodies Of Water

These are the interesting major bodies of water of the West: Great Salt Lake, Colorado River, Missouri River, Platte River, Rio Grande River, Arkansas River, Columbia River, Snake River. Those are the major bodies of water in the West.


This is the type of climate in the West. It is cold, rainy, hot and dry that is how the climate is in the West.

Natural Resources

The natural resources of the West are oil, vegetables and fruit. Those are important to farms that are in the west.


People that live in the West live in the same houses that we live in here.


Some of the cities in the West are:Denver, Seattle, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Spokane, Billings, Portland, Salt lake city and Casper. Those are some of the interesting citys of the West.

Important Jobs

Some of the important jobs in the West are window washers and engineerings those are important to the West.

Fun Facts

  • In Alaska, dog sled racing is a favorite sport.
  • In Hawaii theres a dance called hula.
  • The coastal waters provide sea food like crab,octopuses and others.

Key Words

coal- rocks

lumber- wood