Mrs. Myers' Memo

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Mrs. Myers Will Be Out Tomorrow, Friday, November 13th.

Rainbow Wall Continues to Grow

Even though it was a short week (for me), we had time to test students on their rainbow words. I am excited to announce that we have added new students on the following colors on our Rainbow Wall:
  • Red: Tamia Moore
  • Blue: Aryelle Taufetee
  • Purple: Beanti Kabigting
  • Cloud (first grade words): Joseph Naylor
Keep studying those words! I am so proud of the growth in our classroom. Each week the children amaze me!!!

Reading Bags

This was our first week of our individual reading book bags. Each child that is ready for this new program received a book on their own personal reading level and practiced it at home. Many returned the books and exchanged them for a new one!

In our classroom, we have 20 out of 24 students participating in the reading bags. Out of those 20 students, I am so happy to say that 14 brought back book bags this week at least once, getting a new book to read! Seven of those 14 brought back their book each day! I am so excited to see how well they are reading. And the students seem to really enjoy being able to read independently to me!

Remember, on a normal 5-day week, children should be getting a minimum of one or two new books each week. Once a child has read 10-15 books on their level, they move up to the next level!

Keep practicing. Keep encouraging your students to read. The progress will be amazing! I promise! With your held and mine, we will have a classroom full of readers in no time!

Terrific Turkeys!

This week, students have started sending in their family project. Your job as a family was to disguise the turkey so he didn't end up as part of the Thanksgiving Meal. I love the creative turkeys that have come in so far. Keep sending them in. I will continue to hang them in our hallway as they arrive.

Wish List: M&M candies for a math graphing activity