Word Recognition

By Lauren Martin

What is word recognition?

It includes the following elements:

-Recognizing words without conscious attention

-Recognition words without attending to every letter

-Using parts of words to quickly identify new words

-Connecting unknown words to known words (analogies)

-Connecting spelling with word meaning (homonyms, plurals, tenses, ext.)

Great Opening Activities For Word Recognition


Word recognition is an important element of literacy instruction because, in order to comprehend texts and enjoy reading, students need to be able to instantaneously recognize a large bank of words and effortlessly analyze unknown words. For reading to become more pleasurable for struggling readers, it is important for them to develop the ability to perform each of the elements of word recognition proficiently.

For students to be successful at word recognition this automaticity requires the brain to process both visual and nonvisual information (Smith, 2005). Every time a reader identifies a letter or word, the brain is involved in a decision, "and the amount of information required to make the decision depends on the number of alternatives there are" (Smith, 1978, p.24).


Word Recognition Research and Resources


I have selected a link that will direct you to the Reading Rocket's webpage on word recognition. This page includes a lot of references and recourses for teacher and parents to refer to when teaching what the assessment measures when it should be assessed, examples of questions, and the age or grade at which the assessment should be mastered. This is a great reference tool to beginning early childhood teachers as they begin to teach a child to read, spell, and recognize words.

Word Recognition Strategies

This video takes you through each element of word recognition teaching you all about each one. It discusses word recognition and why it is important. It also demonstrates how to teach each of the elements of word recognition to students.
Word Recognition Strategies: Part 1 (Sight Words)

Word Recognition Centers

For my final artifact, I have attached a website link that will lead you to a website that has tons of literacy games to develop word recognition. These centers will help develop students word recognition ability which will eventually help them to become fluent readers.