Weekly Newsletter

Friday, December 4

Writing Update

Over the past few weeks we have been working on our persuasive letter from unit 7 in composition. We have completed the first 3 weeks, and only have two weeks left!

By Monday, December 7 you should have your introductory and body paragraph written, and you should be ready to write your concluding paragraph. The final persuasive letter will be collected on Thursday, December 17. Grading may begin as early as December 18.

If you have missed any writing sessions, please view the recordings that are available.

Week1: What is persuasive writing? Review examples of persuasive writing.
Week 2: Choose 1) who you are writing to and 2) what you are trying to convince them to do.
Week 3: Introduction paragraph and body paragraph.
Week 4: Conclusion paragraph.
Week 5 Editing and partner sharing.

*Just like the photo below, you should have 3 paragraphs and the date, greeting, closing, and signature by the end of the persuasive unit.
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Progress Update

Students who started on September 8 should be close to 34% by Friday, December 4.

Remember, you should be completing 2% - 3% in each course per week.

Week of December 7

We will have CC sessions Monday - Wednesday but there will be no sessions on Thursday or Friday.

All MVCA staff will be out of the office on Thursday and Friday for professional development in Grand Rapids. We will return kmails and phone calls when we are back in the office the following week.

There is school on Thursday, but no school on Friday, December 11.
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