The Weekly Patrick ℠

Instructional Technology that YOU can use!

In this week's issue:

Tech Tuesday Returns!

Starting tomorrow I will begin Tech Tuesdays again. This week: Smore! Smore is...well...this. When I make my weekly (okay, I know it's been awhile since I've done one, but they will be weekly again, I promise) newsletters, I use Smore. It's very easy to use. You can include images, videos - lots of cool stuff. Stop by tomorrow and learn how to make them!

Technology Survey Coming

Don't worry - this isn't another STaR Chart. I am in the process of making a technology survey to help me gauge your needs. I keep hearing from people that they'd like to have more training on technology, but I'm not sure where we need the most help. So be looking forward to the survey - it's coming (and it's not required - but it would help me if you'll do it.) In the meantime, if you ever need help or training with anything, please let me know!

STaR Chart - 100% Completion!

I told you I was going to do something nice for you; so tomorrow, in honor of your 100% completion of the STaR chart in only one week, tomorrow morning you will find Cinnamon Brown Butter Breakfast Puffs in my training room. I'm going home to make them right after school. And they're good. They will NOT be good for you. But they will be tasty. I'm not promising Mrs. Mayfield level baking here - but they will be tasty. Here's a picture:
Even if you don't come to Tech Tuesday tomorrow (and that's cool - you might never have a reason to use Smore in your daily work) stop by and grab your puff.