The tantalizing tuna

Anoosheh Mahmood


Can you imagine that an average Atlantic bluefin tuna is about 600 lbs. That’s 3* the size of an average human being in the United States Of America.The Atlantic bluefin tuna is one of the most largest, fastest, and captivating colored fishes in the ocean.Their metallic blue and bright silver striping on their body helps them camouflage. Sadly, the bluefin tuna is a delicious treat. It is used in all sorts of products.


In conclusion the bluefin tuna is an amazing fish. It is interesting and unique.
Catching Giant Tuna

Go Fish

I bought 2 Lemon Peel Angels and 2 Elephant Ear Half moon Beta fish. So in total we have 4 fish. Our groups theme was the little mermaid. We spent $196.96 in total. We have a 20 gallon fish tank but the fish will only take up 7 gallons. Our fishes are very beautiful.
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  2. sponge
  3. clam
  4. starfish
  5. Tuna
  6. Blue whale
  7. Jelly fish
  8. Octopus
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