Dreams by Langston Hughes

By: Brayden Bartley


It will talk about dreams and what happens in them.


Hold onto dreams because if you don't life will not move and have no meaning.


"broken winged bird that cannot fly" would probably mean that your stuck and can't take off.

"a barren field frozen with snow" would probably mean that you are empty and cannot get hot.


The authors tone is mast likely to be serious. Because it is talking about how if you lose your dreams life has no movement or advancement.


It goes from "broken winged bird" to a "a barren field frozen with snow". Showing a shift from it being a injured animal ready to be attacked. To a empty field with snow showing that its empty and there is nothing you can do.


I now think that the title shows that you need to hold fast to dreams and what happens when they are gone.


The poem is about holding on to your dreams and making sure your life has a purpose. Because every day is a new day and you need to hold on to the past.