By: Devin Higgins

Cuba is actually pretty great.

You can go to places like Havana, Veradero, Trinidad, Santa Clara, Peninsula de Zapata.

You can do stuff like Smoke Cuban Cigars, Hang out with Dead Christopher Columbus, and Dancing in the street! Maybe while you're there you can eat some fine cuban food, Such as Burritos and Tacos!


Havana is a really old place :)


Veradero is a beautiful beach in Cuba :)


OTrinidad is pretty cool too :)

Santa Clara

This is where Santa lives for Cubans :)

Peninsula de Zapata


You can Smoke Cuban Cigars!

Who wouldn't want to smoke?

Chill with Chris Columbus in his Prime.

He's dead lol

And you can go dancing in the street!

I'm bad at dancing but you might not be!

Cubans eat tacos and chicken and rice!

I'm pretty sure they do lol