Notre Dame De Paris

By Brandon Bullis


Notre Dame is home to many religious ceremonies and has a great historical value to the country. The building of Notre Dame began in the 12th century using the “gothic” style of architecture. Notre Dame was one of the first buildings in the world to use what are called “flying buttresses”, which are just arched exterior supports. This design was later adopted by many and was very popular. Since the cathedral was first built it has endured extensive damages, like in the French Revolution in 1786, but has since been repaired and is fully functioning to tourists to attend for a small entrance fee. This fee allows them to admire the valuables held inside such a prestigious building, while also having the ability to attend a mass at the church. Mass is held three times a day and is very popular with the christian visitors.

There are many significant historical events that have taken part in the cathedral as well. In 1909 Joan of Arc was beatified in the cathedral by Pope Pius X. Joan of Arc went on to assist the French in many battles against English soldiers and ended up winning a large amount of them for France. Joan of Arc also played a part in the crowning of Charles VII.

Overall, Notre Dame is most famous for it’s connection to “the Hunchback of Notre Dame” And the numerous amounts of cartoons made about it. Although this made the cathedral very famous, it’s French-Gothic architecture is still the biggest draw for the attraction as it sits, unrivaled, by modern architecture.
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