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Shining Diamonds

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February 12, 2016

We are about halfway through the month!!! With that, I finally feel like I am in a routine, a schedule and now can conquer each day with grace and passion! I am the QUEEN of my world. In all areas of life, we struggle with how to fit everything in, how to BALANCE, how to be happy. Just like working out, our business also needs this balance and a routine to stay STRONG and CONSISTENT!

Are you the QUEEN of your business? Do you have dedicated time to work it? Are you making that choice to do the best you can?

This week I challenge you to look at your own business. Take out a calendar and plan what hour each day you are going to take action! PRINT OUT and FRAME your WHY and look at it everyday and remember, that YOU ARE THE QUEEN! No one is in charge of your life, but YOU! :)

Happy Friday!

Stef xo


Hoopla..not to be MISSED!

July 22-24th


Register BY this Friday FEB. 12TH and you’ll get both a bonus $50 FREE PRODUCT and the EARLY BIRD registration fee! For those of you who are new you may be thinking what is HOOPLA and is it for me??? The answer is yes!!!!

This is our annual conference and it is for all new stylists whether you are brand new or have been with the company for some time. Think girls' weekend, training from the best of the best, fashion show, dance party, networking, team dinners, pool parties, the new fall collection, $200 swag & celebrating YOU!

Who is going with me to Orlando July 22nd-24th for a whole lotta FUN?!! This is a no-brainer! I wouldn't miss it!! Need a roomie, no problem...we'll help you match up with other Golden Gem team members!

Full details here:…/registration-3d19f7431d914e789c0855…

Check out a few highlights from past years! I still tear up watching Jessica’s daughters own being brave & bold!

Special DEAL until Tuesday!

Visit the lounge for all the details

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Top Ten for the week!!!

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Are you ready for some FUN???

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February 28th OR February 29th---- YOU PICK!

Our team is going to blow up the end of February with a BOOKING FRENZY!!!

Anyone that holds a TRUNK SHOW on either 2/28 or 2/29 will be entered to win a GETAWAY!!!!


February 28th- OSCAR PARTY!!!!!! Offer a fun get together BEFORE or during the Oscars!!

February 29th- LEAP DAY! Leap into STYLE with a fun Bagels and Bling OR Wine and Cheese and Jewelry Please!!

Winner will be chosen on March 1st AFTER the shows were held!

Once you BOOK your show, enter it into the LOUNGE and then POST on this PINNED POST on our Facebook Page!

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