Noticing Zero

A description of Zero

The character's appearance

Zero is a character in the novel "Holes" he is a African american.He has dark curly hair, he is short, wide mouth, and is African american.

The character's action

Zero try's to read over Stanley while he writes to his mom(pg.46). Zero got in line when it was time to fill his canteen (pg.32). Zero tells Stanley to teach him how to write and read (pg.82). Zero talks for the first time (pg.58). the other kids think he is a weird kid (pg.17). Zero starts to dig and Stanley looks(pg.70).

What the character say's

"I like to dig holes."(pg.58) "can you teach me?" (pg.82) "I don't know how" (pg.81)"You don't have to teach me to write only to read."(pg.82)

What others say about the character

"You know why they call him zero?" (pg.19) "I don't know how to teach." (pg.82) Stanley thought he was nobody.(pg.81) everyone thinks he is a weird kid.