By Ally Carter :

I'd Tell You I Love you, But Then I'd Have to Kill You

Cammie Morgan

Cammie is your run of the mill teenage girl, with a few unnoticed differences. She is a black belt in A.M.A. (advanced martial arts), knows how to kill aman in seven different ways with her bare hands, has a genius I.Q., is fluent in fourteen different languages, hack computers and phones, track him, knows how to create an explosion without gunpowder or gasoline, and can crack C.I.A. codes with as much as a glance. Let's just say she is a pavment artist(field agent, spy, espionage pro, etc...). On a CoveOps mission she meets Josh, a normal small-town guy, who has no idea that she is a spy. 

Gallagher Academy for Exceptional Young Women

Gallagher Academy is the typical all-girls boarding school, if typical is a school that teaches how to kill and broke bones in P&E(not P.E.), Covert Operations in the basement, how to hack the White House in Computers, fourteen different langages in World Cultures, bomb disabling in science, have the atendees have conversetions at lunch in a forign langage, and play hide and spy on the towns people. This awesome school also has a statue of Gillian Gallagher(yes,that's a girl name), the founder, with the authentic sword that, if touched, can give an elcetric shock that jhas caught multiple girls' hair on fire. This school ,due to the student body being made up of all girls, is the gossip and rumer central. At this school it's a bad thing to stand out, Cammie is one of the schools best at blending in.

Some School Girls

Some of the Staff

Headmistress Morgan

Headmistress Morgan is mother to Cammie. She can the ultimate spy, she can make a bomb, scale walls, pilot airplanes, and still be home for dinner on Sunday.

Joe Soloman

The new CoveOps teacher, Joe Soloman, is the one who sends Cammie one the mission where she meets Josh. He is handsome to the Gallagher Girls.


Josh is the average small town guy who happens to see Cammie on her mission. He has a regular life until he meets Cammie. He gets caught in a whirlwind of problems when Cammie gets caught.