Vampirates ( Demons of the Ocean)

By: Summer Bates

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IVF Sentence

The book Vampirates by Justin Somper describes how a boy and a girl (Connor and Grace) have to go out to sea and then their ship gets destroyed by a storm and then they get separated and Grace goes on a Vampirate ship and Connor goes on a pirate ship and then at the end Connor saves Grace from the Vampirate ship and they find each other again.

Importaint Characters

1. Connor Tempest 5. Cutlass Cate (Swordsman on Dioblo)
2. Grace Tempest (they are twins) 6. Lorcan Fury (Helped Grace on Vampirate ship)
3. Vampirate Captain 7. Bart AKA Bartholomew ( Connors friend on Dioblo)
4. Captain Wrathe 8. Cheng Li (the assistant captain) 9. Sidorio (a vampirate who doesn't obey the vampirate captain and gets in trouble)

The Shanty

I'll tell you a tale of vampirates a tale as old as true yeah I'll sing you a song of an ancient ship and its mighty fearsome crew yeah I'll sing you a song of an ancient ship that sails the ocean blue that haunts the ocean blue. The vampirate ship has tattered sails that look like wings in flight they say the captain he wears a veil as curtail to your fright at his death pale skin and his lifeless eyes and his teeth as sharp as night oh they say the captain he wears a veil and his eyes never see the light you'd better be good child - good as gold - as good as gold can be else I'll turn you into a vampirate and wave you out to sea yes, you'd better be good child - good as gold - because look! Can you see? There's a dark ship in the harbor tonight and there's room in the hold for thee! O if pirates are bad then vampirates are worse and I pray that even though I speak of vampirates you never one shall see! Oh you never one shall see!

The Wreack

Connor and Grace were heading out to sea away from their small town Cresent Moon Bay but they seen a distant storm cloud that was getting closer and closer to them and they were getting worried then the next thing they knew the storm was right over them and their ship was snapped in half! Connor found himself almost 50 ft. under the ocean but then he swam the whole way up to the top but the problem was that he didn't see Grace! Then he looked up and saw a ship like no other he had ever seen before it had sails that were shaped like wings and then he realized that it stopped and turned around and he then thought that Grace was going to be ok and that she got picked up by the ship. The next thing he knew there was a girl leaning over (Cheng Li) him and he was on a ship, no, make that a pirate ship.

The Boy

Grace found herself with a boy in front of her and he looked to be about 17 years old and she thought then of Connor and she didn't know where he was and if he was on board. Then the boy said that his name was Lorcan Fury and that he would keep her safe and then she heard a whisper and then she seen another man in the room but then she went back to thinking about what Lorcan had said. What did he mean? Why did she need to be safe? Then she blacked out again.

Mullico Wrathe

Connor then found himself on board the Dioblo with the crew surrounding him and then he saw the girl in front of him she was very pretty he got up and then from the balcony of the ship there stood a guy that appeared to be the Captain. He was indeed the captain his name was Wrathe, Mullico Wrathe or as everyone on board called him Captain Wrathe. He took Connor in like family and treated him nicely although Connor told him of the shanty and how he seen that ship Captain Wrathe didn't believe him and that got his hopes down. Then he thought that maybe he was just imagining the ship through the mist.

The Vampirate Captain

Grace wanted to know what was going on and she wanted to know why she was being locked up in the spare room and she wanted to talk to the captain to get some answers so when it was morning she went to his cabin that was right beside hers then she went to the door and before she knocked the door automatically opened and then she heard a whisper and it sounded like it was coming from inside her head and then all of a sudden she seen him he was scary and though he was scary she felt comfortable around him and then they talked a little while and Grace got some answers.

The Rescue

Connor went to save Grace on the Vampirate ship at the break of dawn because the Vampirates can't go out into the sunlight at all or else they will hurt their eyes so much that they will not be able to see anything and so that it would be easier to find Grace and save her and when he went on the ship he wanted to get her all by himself and he didn't want anyone to fight so he want alone and then he found her and they were reunited.
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