Who's Got Your Vote?

Cyberium Free Press - November, 2014 Edition

This Year's Election is Shaping Up to Be a Close One!

For the first time in many years, it appears citizens are getting some very dynamic candidates to replace the exiting President Tooluk.

With less than one month to go until the big day, we take a look at the top three, and give you our official endorsement!

Councilman Kenneth Hilukson

A veteran of Cyberian politics, Kenneth has been a stable hand during the better part of three decades. His platform of continued isolation and self-sufficiency is one that most of Cyberium's most successful leaders have shared. His age is a concern, but during one of the most interesting and tenuous times in Cyberium history, his wisdom and experience could be the stable hand that the nation needs.

Michael Wappan

Michael is a newcomer into the political game, In just his 20's, he has managed to run a successful Cyberium business. He is still in favor of Cyberium isolation, but does want to look into some small partnerships with businesses outside of the nation's border to promote more opportunities for the citizens. Speaking to the strangeness of the times, this election is close due in part to his new ideas. Time will tell if the people truly want to explore these fronts.

Digitus Thundrey

The dark horse in the race, Digitus has been a relative unknown until recently. Orphaned at the age of 8, he found a way to survive in the Northern Forest until he was rescued at the age of 12. Quite a remarkable feat. However, his platform of open borders, militarization, and international commerce are quite radical for Cyberium. Not much is known about Digitus other than he works in the technology sector of the capital ward of Cyberium.

So Who Should Get Your Vote???

This publication endorses....

Councilman Hilukson will get our vote! His platform of maintaining peace and calm at a time when the world is crazier than ever is exactly what we need to preserve our quality of life. Although Michael Wappan has some very good ideas, we believe he is just too young for this post.

If there was one candidate we would completely disapprove of, that would be Digitus Thundrey. No doubt he would be a strong leader, but getting involved in the affairs of the world would spell nothing but bad news for Cyberium and our way of life.