Howard Parent School Association

HPSA Officer, Event, & Fundraising Positions Descriptions

Who we are and what we do!

HPSA exists to enhance the educational experience of our students and promote a strong community between staff and families of Howard Elementary. These positions are ESSENTIAL to our ability to meet our mission. Fundraising generates much needed funds. Events are the heart of what we do--it builds school spirit and a shared community!

Officer Positions

Position Descriptions:


Overview– The role is primarily that of a leader, motivator and organizer. The majority of decisions are made by a majority vote of the Board members. The president role requires frequent access to e-mail, availability by phone, as well as the ability to see the big picture; a committment to being a positive role model, and the vision to see how each decision will impact the organization as a whole.

* Serve as a leader and key contact for the HPSA;

* Leads HPSA meetings;

* Ensures planning for uncoming events or fundraisers are going smoothy and on-target;

* Reviews last year's minutes for consistency in planning;

* Leads/assigns special projects;

* Troubleshoots and resolves issues;

* Work with school principal/secretary on matters pertaining to HPSA;

* Attends all Parent Advisory Council Meetings (PAC);

* Creates and facilitates a presentation for new parents at the Kindergarten Orientation;

* Responds to emails, calls, and texts;

* Acts as a positive liaison of school principal and teachers;

* Strives to fill all open positions.

Vice President

Overview--This is a primary leadership and support role. The VP serves as the President in the future, and perform the duties of the President in their absence.

* Assists President and other board members;

* Communicates openly with HPSA, officers, and staff;

* Strives to fill vacant positions.


Overview--Responsible primarily for all financial aspects of HPSA, including compiance within the District's Parent Network.

* Pays all bills and issues all checks;

* Makes all bank deposits;

* Reconciles monthly bank statements;

* Generates and publishes monthly Treasurer's Report in the HPSA minutes;

* Maintains all records (receipts, statements, cancelled checks, deposit receipts, taxes, etc.)

* Representative Member of the District's PARENT NETWORK: Attends annual meeting; submits quarterly and year-end reports, and pays in taxes and dues as required.

* Strives to fill vacant positions.


Overview--This position is a support and communication position.

* Works with President and HPSA members to generate monthly meeting agenda;

* Emails agenda to HPSA prior to each meeting;

* Attends monthly HPSA meetings,

* Reserve school classroom for HPSA meetings;

* Records meeting minutes and forwards them to website administer (teacher) for posting;

* Updating the HPSA contact list;

* Provides monthly HPSA News updates to the Husky Tales;

* Strives to fill vacant positions.

School-Family Event Position Descriptions

Multi-cultural Pot Luck

* Select date with HPSA;

* Order tables and chairs from District;

* Notify Howard Elementary families of event;

* Purchase paper products and utencils;

* Set up tables and coordinate food during the event;

* Coordinate voluteers for set up, during, and clean up.

Family Roller Skating

* Coordinate event date between location and HPSA;

* Communicate event information with families;

* Manage event RSVPs to provide participation/cost estimate to HPSA;

* Check-in and greet participating families;

* Be the event liaison between facility, school, HPSA, students and families;

* Provide payment to facility from HPSA.

Family Fitness Night

* Works in conjunction with the YMCA to coordinate date and to plan event activities;

* Distributes the information through the newsletter, family folder and voice messages.

* Purchases healthy snacks and any other supplies that are needed.

Spring Dance

* Work with Volunteer Coordinator to recruit volunteers;

* Work with Secretary to publish information on upcoming event in school newsletter;

* Reserve rooms needed from District Calendar,

* Book DJ and arrange for pizza

* Purchase lemonade, cups, paper products, decorations for dance;

Fundraising Position Descriptions

Market Day Coordinator

* Enter orders submitted to HPSA;

* Reserve gym from District Calendar for pick up dates;

* Organize and distribute orders on pick up dates;

* Show up at school for delivery (3:45), stay until finished (5:30), once/month;

* Report all profits to Treasurer.

Hansen's Fall Fundraiser

* Reserves commons in the District Calendar;

* Distributes order forms to families;

* Enters orders;

* Collects funds and reports income data to Treasurer;

* Organizes and distributes orders on pick up date.

Kwik Trip Cards

* Communicates with office secretary when cards need to be replenished;

* Order new cards from Kwik Trip.

Seroogy's Chocolate

* Orders new chocolate (when needed) for school events for sales;

* Collects funds and relays data to Treasurer.

Spring Flower Sale

* Work with vendor on pricing and sale dates;

* Distribute order forms in Family Folders;

* Work with Secretary to publish information in the Husky Tales;

* Collects orders and payment;

* Places order with vendor;

* Distributes orders to students.

Spring Raffle

* Coordinates event with Spring Dance Coordinator;

* Solicits raffle donations from local businesses;

* Coordinates classroom raffle baskets with teachers;

* Send raffle ticket letter home to parents, collect ticket money;

* Send raffle tickets purchased home to families;

* Organize and catelog raffle prizes for event date;

* Draw winning names during the dance, notify winners, collect winning tickets;

* Count ticket sales, communicate data with Treasurer;

* File State winning report with the Parent Network;

* Send "thank you" letter to all donating business.

Milk Caps

* Collect milk caps turned into the school;

* Promote donations with families;

* Turn in milk caps to the collection company;

* Report earnings to Treasurer.

Box Tops

* Promote Box Top collection with families;

* Collect Box Tops turned into school;

* Turn in Box Tops to the collection company;

* Report earnings to Treasurer.

Soup Labels

* Collect soup labels turned into the school;

* Promote donations with families;

* Turn in soup labels to the collection company;

* Report earnings to Treasurer.

School Support and School Spirit Position Descriptions

Scholastic Book Fair Coordinator

* Coordinates sale dates in fall/winter to coincide with P/T Conferences;

* Works with Scholastic Rep. to select books, themes;

* Coordinates volunteers to facilitate fair;

* Set up, take down of fair;

* Reports sales to Treasurer.

Barnes and Noble Night

* Coordinates date with school;

* Assists in the promotion of event;

* Provides funds for student book vouchers.

School Sweatshirt/T-Shirts

* Assists vendor with apparel design;

* Advertizes order options to families;

* Collects, submits, and distributes orders;

* Reports sales data to Treasurer.

Yearbook Coorinator

* Collaborates with school and vendor on yearbook design;

* Edits proofs for quality control;

* Assists in advertizing, collection of orders, and distribution;

* Gathers, submits candid school pictures.

4th Grade Video Coordinator

* Solicit and organize photos from students, families;

* Build video with selected music onto a digital program;

* Purchase recordable DVDs and jeweled cases for distribution;

* Coordinate burning and printing of DVDs with volunteers;

* Distribute DVDs to school final week of school;

* Play DVD during the opening of the last day ceremony for families.

Grant Writer

* Research local, national grants;

* Apply for selected grants;

* Coordinate grants with school and HPSA personnel.

Social Media/Communications Manager

* Maintain Facebook, Gmail, and Smore Account;

* Communicate, promote HPSA Events, Fundraisers, and Information to parents, staff;

* Create, distribute fliers, media press releases as needed.

Teacher Appreciation/Teacher Conference Meals

* Coordinate food and appreciative measures courtesy of HPSA for teachers/staff.

Teacher Wish List Coordinator

* Communicate with teachers their current and ongoing supply needs;

* Posts supply needs request on Wish List site;

* Collaborate with Social Media/Communications Manager to get the word out!

2012-2013 HPSA Officers & Chairs


President: Shawna Stueck

Vice President: Leigh Ann Wagner-Kroening

Treasurer: Amy Bjorklund

Secretary: Open


Multi-cultural Pot Luck: Shawna Stueck, Cathy Tonnon, Jessica Kurowski

Roller Skating: Shawna Stueck

Family Fitness Night: Tracy Wazny

Spring Dance: Amy Bjorklund

Market Day: Cathy Tonnon

Hansen's: Trisha Wheeler

Kwik Trip: Amy Bjorklund and Shawna Stueck

Seroogy's: Shawna Stueck and Amy Bjorklund

Spring Flowers: Andrea Chaltry

Spring Raffle: Shawna Stueck and Cindy Lambert

Milk Caps: Amy Wolford

Box Tops for Education: Andrea Chaltry and Leigh Ann Wagner-Kroening

Soup Labels: Joy Mandich

Scholastic Book Fair: Shelley Karnz

Barnes and Noble: Amy Bjorklund and Shawna Stueck

T-shirts and Sweatshirts: Kathy Krause

Yearbook Coordinator: Jessica Kurowski

4th Grade Video: Jessica Kurowski

Grant Writer: Adam Stueck

Social Media: Leigh Ann Wagner-Kroening

Teacher Appreciation: Amy Bjorklund and Cathy Tonnon

Teacher Wish List: Leigh Ann Wagner-Kroening