A wonderful vacation place if your looking for warm weather

The Basics: North Western Top side of South America

Weather: Rainy season from May to November ( cooler in the upland areas and cold in the mountains, in cooler time of the year nights can be freezing )

Climate Type: Very warm and tropical with 70 degrees and up ( Amazon region generally stays warm and wet year round )

How to fit in:

Languages: spanish

4 Folkways: Kids stay at home till married, men shake hands with direct eye contact, as friends become closer they are more hands on ( hug with each other hands on the others shoulder ) , always refer to people by the appropriate honorific title and their surname

Taboos: Do not nude at the beaches, Do not whistle to get someones attention, Do not ever say a bad word about the Catholic religion, Don't criticize anything about Columbia

Values: Roman Catholicism is 81%

Digging Deeper Into Culture:

2 Subcultures: Locavores-are foodies who strive to eat only foods grown locally

Adventurous eaters-aren't afraid to eat weird foods from around the world

Culture Landscape: air transportation for most passengers, roads and railways developing, river travel for cargo

Evidence of Cultural Diffusion: transporting goods with Americans and Europe gained new foods and animals that they have never seen before

Evidence of Culture Change: Changed diets as well as benefiting from the newly domesticated animals brought over