The Deceleration of Independence

Its what makes are country what it is! :)

What is it?

The Declaration of Independence is the document that freed america from Great Britain. Before the document was officially singed, the Revolutionary war was going on! The Declaration was then signed as like a treaty from America to Britain witch ended the war and made America a free country!

The Signers

There was many people that signed the document, 56 people to be exact. Most of the people signed it on the same day but some signed it on a different day. On July 4th Gorge Washington signed it, Washington was the president at the time, in 1776. So that is why we have Independence day on July 4th! Ben Franklin signed the document when he was 70 years old! 2 of the signers were 26 when they signed it but the average age for signers was 45! John Hancock was the first person to sign the declaration and his signature was 5 inches long. The Last person to sign it was Thomas McKean. None of the signers were born america, they were all born in England!





The Document it self!

The Document is a 24 in. by 30 in. Document found in Washington D. C. at the National Archives. There are 26 existing copies of the declaration of independence, 21 are owned by America, 2 by Brits, and 3 are owned by private owners. There is writing on the back of the document but it is not visible! When the draft of the document was written they had to make 80 something changes to the document after the draft was finished to make it official

The Revolutionary war

The was lead by Gorge Washington! It was a war against America(The 13 Colonies) and Great Britain. The Brits wore red uniforms and the American wore blue uniforms! The Decloration was a treety to end the war. The Americans made the document so that they would not be paying taxes for the Brits! They also made it cause they wanted the war to stop and the declaration stopped the war!