Franklin 3-D

What's going on at Franklin???

Quote for the week:

Many Hands and hearts and minds generally to anyone's notable achievements.

- Wat Disney


Thank you to Everyone for all of your extra efforts and flexibility to make the MAP assessment schedule and make up assessments move forward thoughtfully and efficiently. I look forward to reviewing our data with grade level teams to see how we have progressed and what we need to support continued growth his winter and spring.

Title I

Thank you to everyone for your support of the launching of the Title I Program this Fall. Special Thank you to Tracie Thomas for her support in preparing materials and training staff with the Curriculum and Instructional tools for the program.

Winter Closing Guidelines

As nice as it is today there may be some cold winter weather ahead of us and wanted to make sure you had the District Guidelines for Cold and Inclement Weather related to school closing.

Golden Guitar